Blockdaemon Node

Blockdaemon runs validators for large PoW networks like stellar, ripple, bitcoin, ethereum, permissioned networks for F500s on fabric, quorum & corda, as well as relay nodes and validators for algorand, cosmos, harmony, polkadot etc.

We operate a supermicro blade server with multiple GPUs per blade, based on Nvidia Tesla P100. The entire server will be dedicated to Livepeer Streamflow and is hosted in our data center with 20Gbs of dedicated bandwidth.

Our platform offers autoscaling and monitoring (via partnerships with entities like Splunk) and we provide enterprise grade SLAs, ensuring performance and uptime.

Our business model is based on $s per month per node, so we operate on a low-fee basis. We operated a video platform prior to building Blockdaemon, and are eager to learn about and support the Livepeer ecosystem.

You can find our transcoder here:

Please email with any questions.

Hi there – we want to notify anyone bonded to our node that we are increasing the fee from 0.5% to 1% next week, in order to account for lower inflation rate and falling token-value.

Contact us at with concerns/feedback.