Call for Input - Livepeer Orchestrator Business Model

Dear Livepeer community,

As mentioned in our grant application, we would like to further improve on the Livepeer Orchestrator business model which we open-sourced.

To make the model as useful to the community as possible, we’d like to ask you to vote for the features you think are the most useful to you and also suggest any features we haven’t considered. We’d be glad to consider those as well!

In order to vote, please add a comment below that includes the feature numbers (1-7) from the following list. When suggesting a new feature please describe the feature and its value to you.

The model will be further developed in two phases. The total scope of this phase, Phase I, is 5 pts and Phase II – 7 pts.

Here is the list of proposed features and their relative effort estimates.

General Model usability improvements:

  1. Model dashboard summarizing the key data interpretation (e.g. is this pixel price competitive, should be changed, at which point an orchestrator should or needs to scale up its operation, etc.) (2pt)

Demand Side and Network Assumptions:

  1. Modeling of total network yield (LPT+ETH) accounting for staking and DeFi opportunity cost and how it can impact network stake ratio/participation (not regarding LPT as an isolated network) (2pt)

  2. Suggestion for a demand function (e.g. being able to model the impact of the pixel price change on the transcoding revenue) (3pt)

  3. Demand-side scenarios based on real-world benchmarks (e.g. onboarding X users, generating Y% of streaming, onboarding a partner, etc.) (2pt)

  4. $LPT usage-driven price valuation based on demand scenarios (requires demand scenarios to be completed) (2pt)

Orchestrator Cost modelling:

  1. Additional cost models based on variable input costs, e.g. electricity, bandwidth, demand-side, etc.) (3pt)

  2. Additional parameters and orchestrator business-related considerations (e.g. marketing expenses, taxes, SEO, etc.) (1pt)

Other features:

  • Any suggestions from the community are welcome

Thanks for your participation!


Gleb, Chris (Chainflow)

Are you working on anything to do with paying Transcoders directly?

I know @livepool is tackling this, but for me, it’s the biggest missing part to the Orchestrator business model: to make it much easier for an O to outsource work to a T and pay in real time.

We’re not at the moment. While I could see this as a natural future extension of this project, it’s not in our current scope.

Regarding #7, which jurisdictions will this focus on for tax purposes?

As its going to be interactive, there will be a box to put in individual tax rate.

We can add a selection of various tax rates as well (so instead of putting 21%, one can select “US”), in such case, smth like a selection between US/EU/Russia/China might make sense. We would however like to avoid this, as having 21% associated with US is sort of a statement which we should not be making as tax rate is very individual and we are not tax advisors.

So the solution outlined the first is the most preferrable.