Hi, i want to know where are LPT tokens

hi, guys,
i reclaim my LPT earnings from 2019.9.18. based on the theories, i can receive the LPT after 7 days, but until 2019.9.27, not see the LPT in my account, where are they? could every body please tell me?

the txhash is:0x522dcad22fec29e0c2ed2efc4e6f7b520d68fe6f71147d8257eaaa7b122daae5

any one else know that?
the chain make my earnings missing!!!

@shishangx did you check your metamask to see if your funds cleared? The livepeer go to the manager for cooling off period before being released.

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There are 2 steps. Make sure you first unbond your LPT and then 7 days later you need to come back to the Livepeer interface and withdraw it. I’m guessing you are missing the first step. The withdrawal is not automatic.


thanks honestly, you mean the 7 days?

thanks honestly, i mean the unclaimed earning, like the pic below:

this is my transaction record: