How to Securely Link Your 3box Profile to your Orchestrator Account Using MyCrypto

3box allows users to add external Ethereum accounts to their profile, so they can enjoy the benefits of a profile web UI, but also keep their keys in a secure environment. This is facilitated by signing a message off-chain with your account authorizing the use of a profile. The Livepeer CLI will include an option to sign messages in an upcoming release for Transcoders/Orchestrators who wish to link their profiles securely, however, if you’re a Transcoder and don’t want to wait for this release, you can use MyCrypto and link your profile today. Below are instructions on how.


If you’ve already set up a profile on the Explorer, you may skip over to step 4.

Step 1

First things first, connect to your web3 wallet using Portis or Metamask in the Livepeer Explorer. This should be a completely separate account from your Transcoder account.

Step 2

Inside "My Account’ click “Set Up Your Profile”.

Step 2

Approve the signing prompts in your web3 wallet to continue setting up your profile.

Step 3

Enter your profile information and hit save.

Step 4

Download the MyCrypto desktop app.

Step 5
Open MyCrypto, click “Sign & Verify Message”, and import your Transcoder account using your Livepeer Node keystore file.

Step 6

Back inside the Explorer, click “Edit Profile” and select the option to add an external account

Step 7

Copy the message for signing.

Step 8

Paste and sign the message in MyCrypto

Step 9

Copy the resulting signature starting with “0x”

Step 10

Back in the Explorer, paste the signed message signature.

Step 11

Verify the message was signed correctly by pasting your Livepeer Node Ethereum account used to sign the message and hit save.

Step 12

You should now see your linked external account in your profile. If you visit the linked external account in the explorer, you’ll notice it now inherits your profile.