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Welcome to Livepeer Community - Berlin

Hello, welcome to Livepeer’s forum, and to information about the Livepeer Community Node - Berlin.

The article will start by introducing Berlin’s Livepeer Community, then explain what a Livepeer Node is in simple terms.

After this introduction, I will present an opportunity for you to collaborate on this venture.

Livepeer Community - Berlin

Berlin is a thriving hotbed of cultural exchange and diversity, where East meets West meets everything else.

With strong crypto and creative communities, it represents a sweet spot for the adoption of Livepeer’s technology, and the development of a new paradigm for how we share audio visual content - driven by community, not by corporation or government - using an open and censor-resistant protocol for sharing content to potentially global audiences in real time.

Livepeer’s Community in Berlin is already active and growing, encompassing a diverse mixture of musicians, software developers, digital artists, engineers, videographers, producers and designers. is a community project, broadcasting on Livepeer’s Rinkeby testnet, from Livepeer’s community space in Berlin.

We are also very active in helping creators to understand the financial and collaborative opportunities provided by these new crypto-currency technologies. We experiment with simple mechanisms for receiving royalties directly from viewers in exchange for the real-time digital creation - all using low-cost entry-level hardware and free open-source software.

Livepeer embraces diversity, so in Berlin we welcome anyone into our community.

What is a Livepeer Node?

  • A Livepeer Node is a computer which runs a piece of software designed and written by the Livepeer project.

  • When a Livepeer Node is running, and configured in a certain way, it provides capacity to Livepeer’s network. The node:

    • receives live-streaming video content
    • processes the content for viewing on different devices
    • sends content to any node in the network that requests it
  • In exchange for providing this capacity, the Livepeer Node is compensated financially using crypto-currencies

    • Ether (ETH) and Livepeer Tokens (LPT)

This exchange of value is made possible by the Ethereum blockchain.

“Bonding” tokens to a Node

Livepeer’s protocol enables anybody who holds Livepeer Tokens (LPT) to “bond” their tokens to an individual Livepeer Node.

This “bonding” of tokens is quasi-social, and represents a mechanism for token-holders to delegate their responsibility in the network to someone else, and presents a way to endorse their activities in helping grow the network.

When a token-holder bonds their tokens to a Livepeer Node, the token-holder receives an agreed share of the fees and the rewards that the Livepeer Node receives.

Livepeer Community Node - Berlin

The Livepeer Community in Berlin runs a Livepeer Node as a way to raise funding to support community activities.

The Ethereum address of the node is

Get involved in the community

We welcome anyone into Berlin’s Livepeer Community.

There are many ways to participate, you can:

Participation - Livepeer Token Holders

If you already have Livepeer Tokens (LPT), I invite you to BOND your tokens to Livepeer Community Node - Berlin.

You can do this by following these simple steps:

  1. Go to the node’s page in Livepeer’s explorer.

  2. Click on the image icon to the right of where it says Account 0x34555157… and click the button which says image

  3. After this - read the details, and follow the instructions :slight_smile:

Participation - Ethereum Holders

If you had private control of an Ethereum account with more than 0.1 ETH at block 5,264,265 (Mar-16-2018 07:20:45 AM +UTC) of Ethereum’s blockchain, then you are entitled to redeem a share of the Livepeer Tokens (LPT) given to the community.

You can check if you qualify for this and if so, you can redeem your LPT by participating in the Livepeer Alpha.


If you are totally confused about what all this bonding and delegating means, come and find me in Livepeer’s Community Space in Berlin, or on Telegram and we can talk about it.

Transcoder Campaign: Project by Aseralis

Looks like we’re about 2 weeks into the network and this Berlin community node being in the top 2 transcoders on the network in terms of stake! Any updates on how things are going so far?


Hi there @dob - thanks for reaching out!

I can gladly supply an update on our progress, these are exciting times for Livepeer!

Rewards: Livepeer’s Community Node had an exciting start, gaining rewards of over 1700 LPT in the first week alone. We are currently in the process of re-structuring our node to make it easier to give LPT token grants to video technology experts, blockchain developers, and content creators - for more details on how to apply for these grants, contact me at chris at livepeer dot org.

Community Livestreams: last week we livestreamed 2 events in Berlin (Truebit Meetup, GetGrover Meetup) and shared the recorded content. We also have livestreams scheduled this week from a party hosted by Jolocom and Ethereum Dev UG (Tuesday 22 May 1800 CET), and Berlin Video Tech Meetup (Thursday 24 May 1900 CET).

Collaborate: We started accepting applications to use Livepeer’s Community Space in Berlin for livestream events - check out for details of how to get involved, and putting on a production on

We are still getting going on community building activities, and now that summer seems to have arrived in Berlin, things are hotting up :slight_smile:


Here is an announcement about Livepeer Community Node - Berlin.

We are in the process of migrating the Livepeer Community Node - Berlin to a new Ethereum address.

The original address used for the node will be retired on Friday 25 May 2018 at 2359 CET.

This old address was 0xe1c879f065682a0d35966596a72d5681a56118a5

If you are bonded to this old address, and you would like to continue to support Livepeer’s Community in Berlin, please BOND your tokens to the new node with address: 0x345551571c5ef20111c6168b9a498dfb836e7c09.

Please note, you can BOND to a new node without UNBONDING and waiting for 7 days.

To find out which address you are bonded to, log in to your MetaMask account that you used to bond, and go to the list of Transcoders on Livepeer’s Protocol Explorer

The list of addresses that have bonded to this node are as below, so if you spot your address in here, make sure you BOND to the new node, or you will lose the benefit of bonding:


Thanks to for information on which addresses bonded, and to @dob for the query.


We’ve been making a few discretionary grants recently, which I would like to feature here a little.

A grant to Holger Dorniden, who has been supporting livestreaming and Livepeer project for some time now, in Berlin. Always looking for ways to support the project.

Here’s Holger hanging out with some of the Livepeer team in Berlin earlier this year:

And a grant to Miguelangelo Rosario - his first ever crypto-currency - to recognise his efforts at demonstrating livestream Virtual Reality art and streaming to the world using Livepeer.

His grant is to fund his activities in developing augmented reality exhibitions in Berlin.


And some more awards for their energy towards Livepeer:

Anton Tal, photographer, videographer, cinematographer, editor, musician, and artist - who is an active collaborator in Livepeer’s creative projects in Berlin.

Here is a photograph created by Anton as part of his art:

Marc Cymontowski, a leader in his field, designing Secure Reliable Transport protocol, working as part of Haivision’s cutting edge video team in Berlin!

An award to Matteo Tambussi @matlemad for his energy in connecting Livepeer with Berlin’s creative scene, with music and sound engineering.

Here is a photo of Matteo showing users how to get to grips with Coinomi wallet, on Livepeer TV - connecting the creative world with the crypto world, one smartphone at a time! Bravo Matteo!


And now another grant of LPT to report in the Berlin Livepeer Community.

On Thursday of last week, Livepeer were invited to speak to a selection of Video Technology Professionals and Enthusiasts in Berlin. The organiser of the event was Stefan Kaiser, who received a grant of tokens this week for his work in the Berlin Livepeer community.

Here’s a photo of Stefan:



And now for the latest grant from Berlin Livepeer Community - Benjamin Bollen, Chief Blockchain Strategist for OST Simple Token.

This grant is for work in the Berlin Blockchain community, bringing people together, and supporting projects and collaboration.


On Friday 1 June, on a stormy evening in Berlin, the Livepeer TV team livestreamed a performance from international music star David Judson Clemmons.

If you missed it, keep an eye on for edited highlights.

As a “thank you” from Livepeer Berlin Community, we just sent David a grant of Livepeer Tokens, so that he can share in the project financially.

Here’s a snapshot of David performing on Livepeer TV.


Announcing some forthcoming shows on Livepeer TV.

You can see the schedule here:

Satuday 16 June 1800-2200 CET will be the first DJ set performance from Lost & Found - a Berlin-based but Iranian-born DJ, who has a regular Saturday night party livestream, and will be migrating this to Livepeer TV for the night.

Lost & Found is associated with Voidance Records - an open-source record label, promoting independence in music production.

He is also the proud new owner of a Livepeer Token (LPT) grant from the community for his energy and enthusiasm for the project, and to fund his forthcoming performance.

Here’s a photo of the artist… keeping it anonymous!

Friday 22 June 1730-2230 will be the launch event of the ETHBerlin hackathon. The event will stream from Factory Berlin and will involve a panel of blockchain and crypto experts from this diverse city.

To keep up to date with news from this hackathon, go to @ETHBerlin on Twitter


Round 1000 has been initialised :slight_smile:



Announcing one of the latest grants of Livepeer Tokens - to Georgie Fisher (see her website here).

Livepeer TV has already seen the talents of this upcoming producer with her production of The Muso Next Door.

And there are a few events in the pipeline where we might see her involved again!

Here’s a photo of Georgie looking very cool.


Here is an announcement about Berlin Livepeer Community Node.

With the help of @ericxtang of Livepeer project, the transcoding node is now running in a virtual hosted server environment.

This is a substantial improvement over the previous configuration, which was this laptop using my upstairs neighbour’s internet connection. Now it can take rest. Rest in Peace.


So, this campaigner has been experimenting with Gitcoin, to offer bounties of Livepeer Tokens (LPT) for specific code contributions.

And so here is the first result of these experiments: a 10 LPT bounty for this issue to build a viewer app:

Single-channel viewer app for Livepeer TV


Here is an announcement:

Livepeer’s Berlin Community Node has now amassed over 10,000 LPT since the Livepeer network launched to Ethereum Mainnet on 1 May.


Thank you to all Delegators who bonded to this node, and for support from @ericxtang in getting the node a nice home to live in a robust hosted server environment.

Also, big thanks to @rsap for setting the example of a community node with Livepeer’s Decentralized Community Node, which also just amassed over 10,000 LPT in total earnings, to become the biggest node in terms of stake!


Now… I can’t wait for the protocol’s forthcoming Partial Unbonding functionality, to allow the release of all these tokens to fund community activities!


Livepeer Community in Berlin is proud to be supporting ETHBerlin.


Livepeer’s Community in Berlin has had an exciting year - growing from embryonic beginnings in January, to participating in major events in the Ethereum community.

Highlights include:

Livepeer Community - Berlin would like to thank Matteo Tambussi and Anton Tal for their hard work and support to bring this all together.

This concludes the campaign to start Livepeer’s Community in Berlin, and this node will continue to support the Livepeer project as it evolves towards the Streamflow release. To find out more about Streamflow, take a look at this post by @dob

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