Setup Livepeer Node on top of ETH-Miner (NVIDIA) using Docker?

Is there a beginners setup-guide to setup livepeer using Docker-Container? Its possible to mine f.e. eth while running livepeer (NVIDIA Hardware) - is that correct?

I did not find any guide setting up livepeer running in docker with shared GPUs for Video-Transcoding and Mining (separate Docker container). Is there anyone using this in practice who can give some hints how to get started?

Thanks in advice :slight_smile:

There is a work in progress document that shows how to set this up.

While you can mine real ETH, on the Livepeer side I believe these instructions reference the development version of the software for the upcoming Streamflow release. This will be great to test on the upcoming public testnet, but won’t yet drive real fees from mainnet transcoding.

Thanks. I’ve had a look at it. I think the testnet is optional. It seems to be basing on Docker-Image named ‘darkdragon/geth-with-livepeer-protocol’. There’s also a docker image named ‘livepeer/geth-with-livepeer-protocol’ originally build by Livepeer.

But both are without source-code and no description or only spare description provided.

‘livepeer/geth-with-livepeer-protocol’ seems to be a dependency package only may be for docker image ‘livepeer/go-livepeer’?!

livepeer/go-livepeer states:

Create a local Livepeer Network, or join the existing Livepeer test network.

So I’m still not shure if this is able to interact with livepeer live-network?! All this is very complicated and I’m a linux and web-developer myself (not a dumb user at all).

So I would be very glad if somebody could enlight me how setup works on linux machine already running with multiple NVIDIA GPUs.