Streamflow Specs and Audit

Today we officially kickoff an external audit of the Streamflow scaling update. The audit will be conducted by Trail of Bits, who conducted the first audit prior to launch of the Livepeer alpha network. ToB has also conducted audits for many popular Ethereum based projects.

Specs and Code
For those in the community who would like to dig into the code updates to the protocol themselves, we welcome as many eyes as possible during this phase. Please use the following resources:

If you find issues that you would like to report, please file issues in the protocol repo.

Testnet Update
One of the reasons that the team pushed towards getting feature frozen and code frozen and having detailed specs written prior to the launch of an external public testnet, is simply because the audit process itself takes significant time and scheduling. The thinking was that during the next few weeks while the audit is underway, we can get a testnet up and running…whereas blocking the kickoff of the audit until this was complete would delay the ultimate launch. In short, we can multitask.

Stay tuned to the #general and #transcoder channels in the Discord chat for updates on the upcoming launch of a public Streamflow testnet.


We’re pretty excited about this. Looking forward to participating in the testnet :slight_smile: