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Welcome to Livepeer Community - Berlin

Hello, welcome to Livepeer’s forum, and to information about the Livepeer Community Node - Berlin.

My name is Chris Hobcroft, and I work for the Livepeer project as Creative Director.

I will start by introducing Berlin’s Livepeer Community, then explain what a Livepeer Node is in simple terms.

After this introduction, I will present an opportunity for you to collaborate on this venture.

Livepeer Community - Berlin

Berlin is a thriving hotbed of cultural exchange and diversity, where East meets West meets everything else.

With strong crypto and creative communities, it represents a sweet spot for the adoption of Livepeer’s technology, and the development of a new paradigm for how we share audio visual content - driven by community, not by corporation or government - using an open and censor-resistant protocol for sharing content to potentially global audiences in real time.

Livepeer’s Community in Berlin is already active and growing, encompassing a diverse mixture of musicians, software developers, digital artists, engineers, videographers, producers and designers. is a community project, broadcasting on Livepeer’s Rinkeby testnet, from Livepeer’s community space in Berlin.

We are also very active in helping creators to understand the financial and collaborative opportunities provided by these new crypto-currency technologies. We experiment with simple mechanisms for receiving royalties directly from viewers in exchange for the real-time digital creation - all using low-cost entry-level hardware and free open-source software.

Livepeer embraces diversity, so in Berlin we welcome anyone into our community.

What is a Livepeer Node?

  • A Livepeer Node is a computer which runs a piece of software designed and written by the Livepeer project.

  • When a Livepeer Node is running, and configured in a certain way, it provides capacity to Livepeer’s network. The node:

    • receives live-streaming video content
    • processes the content for viewing on different devices
    • sends content to any node in the network that requests it
  • In exchange for providing this capacity, the Livepeer Node is compensated financially using crypto-currencies

    • Ether (ETH) and Livepeer Tokens (LPT)

This exchange of value is made possible by the Ethereum blockchain.

“Bonding” tokens to a Node

Livepeer’s protocol enables anybody who holds Livepeer Tokens (LPT) to “bond” their tokens to an individual Livepeer Node.

This “bonding” of tokens is quasi-social, and represents a mechanism for token-holders to delegate their responsibility in the network to someone else, and presents a way to endorse their activities in helping grow the network.

When a token-holder bonds their tokens to a Livepeer Node, the token-holder receives an agreed share of the fees and the rewards that the Livepeer Node receives.

Livepeer Community Node - Berlin

The Livepeer Community in Berlin runs a Livepeer Node as a way to raise funding to support community activities.

The Ethereum address of the node is

Get involved in the community

We welcome anyone into Berlin’s Livepeer Community.

There are many ways to participate, you can:

You can also set up your own livestream channel on Livepeer by following Livepeer TV’s Blueprint.

Participation - Livepeer Token Holders

If you already have Livepeer Tokens (LPT), I invite you to browse Livepeer’s Protocol Explorer’s list of registered transcoders and BOND your newly mined tokens to Livepeer Community Node - Berlin.

If you do this, I can’t promise that all your dreams will come true, but some of them might.

Currently, rewards are shared by the network in a way which means that you will gain LPT, and also the community benefits… it’s a win-win.

And remember, the Ethereum address of the node is

Participation - Ethereum Holders

If you had private control of an Ethereum account with more than 0.1 ETH at block 5,264,265 (Mar-16-2018 07:20:45 AM +UTC) of Ethereum’s blockchain, then you are entitled to redeem a share of the Livepeer Tokens (LPT) given to the community.

You can check if you qualify for this and if so, you can redeem your LPT by participating in the Livepeer Alpha.


If you are totally confused about what all this bonding and delegating means, come and find me in Livepeer’s Community Space in Berlin, or on Telegram and we can talk about it.

Transcoder Campaign: Project by Aseralis

Looks like we’re about 2 weeks into the network and this Berlin community node being in the top 2 transcoders on the network in terms of stake! Any updates on how things are going so far?


Hi there @dob - thanks for reaching out!

I can gladly supply an update on our progress, these are exciting times for Livepeer!

Rewards: Livepeer’s Community Node had an exciting start, gaining rewards of over 1700 LPT in the first week alone. We are currently in the process of re-structuring our node to make it easier to give LPT token grants to video technology experts, blockchain developers, and content creators - for more details on how to apply for these grants, contact me at chris at livepeer dot org.

Community Livestreams: last week we livestreamed 2 events in Berlin (Truebit Meetup, GetGrover Meetup) and shared the recorded content. We also have livestreams scheduled this week from a party hosted by Jolocom and Ethereum Dev UG (Tuesday 22 May 1800 CET), and Berlin Video Tech Meetup (Thursday 24 May 1900 CET).

Collaborate: We started accepting applications to use Livepeer’s Community Space in Berlin for livestream events - check out for details of how to get involved, and putting on a production on

We are still getting going on community building activities, and now that summer seems to have arrived in Berlin, things are hotting up :slight_smile: