Transcoder Campaign: Atlas Video

Atlas Video is a new Orchestrator with strong an reliable hardware (multi GPU) and bandwidth (5Giga with FSP Connector and very low latency.)

I will claim all the reward on daily basis as soon as delegator will start to stack on my node, covering the price fee with the fee cut from the wining ticket.

When there are enough LPT stacked, i’ll change the fee cut to share with all the delegator.

Thanks for your support.


Hi all,

The server is running 100% perfectly since May 27, and the first fee reward is arrived. Other ll follow sooner, because the transcoders connected to the server work hard now (Thanks to the reliability and low latency of it).

Stack with me to break the claim fee, and as soon as, share the reward fee. (i’ll cut the fee at 50% when enough LPT will be Stacked with me)

Thanks for your support,