Transcoder Campaign: Azura Livepeer Transcoder

Welcome to the Azura Livepeer Transcoder Campaign!
This post will run through a little presentation of myself, the reasons behind the building of this node and why you should delegate to it.
You can start delegating here:

About me:
I discovered the blockchain world at the end of year 2016 and i am since a Crypto and Decentralization enthousiast, learning everyday through different projects.
I am following the Livepeer project since inception and i participated in the Merklemine.
I then experimented delegation through node bonding.
Six months ago, i decided to push forward the whole Crypto experience and began running a node (a Swarm masternode for those who might be interested).
Next step was running a Livepeer Transcoder.

Why running a node:
To actively support the growth and the decentralization of the network.

The node actually runs on a cloud private server with the minimum requirements (1GB RAM, 1 CPU, 50GB).
Obviously this will be upgraded as soon as the node becomes active to ensure reliability and performance.
Server is backed up and monitored.

Why delegating to Azura Node:
A rather low reward cut fee of 1% (99% of LPT reward goes to you).
An attractive share of ETH fee of 85% that goes to you.
A price per segment of 150 Gwei.
Those values may vary in time, depending of node cost and network usage, but commitment is to keep you updated about it and have you vote for future adjustments.
Of course, objectives are 0 missed rewards and very high availability.

So support this node by bonding, you will then actively participate to the network and earn incentives while doing it :).

Feel free to do so through this forum or join the Telegram channel

Thanks for participating in the Livepeer network since the beginning! If this node doesn’t immediately become active, which is a bit of an uphill battle requiring quite a bit of delegated stake, I’d urge to stick around and user your hardware to participate in the Streamflow testnet which is hopefully coming in the next week or two. Streamflow will dramatically expand the number of available active slots.

I will definitely try that, thank you for the suggestion.