Transcoder Campaign: Dogenode

Dogenode is a European node and transcoders located in Poland.

I am Kamil and in March 2021 I launched the Livepeer orchestrator the first time. I am a programmer and my hobbies are DevOps, homelab, electronics, hardware etc. I have many different nodes related to other cryptocurrency projects and more.

Dogenode is one of the smaller node in the Livepeer network, which is also a plus. Low maintenance costs in my own homelab allow for a zero reward cut. As small node I don’t have many streams to transcode so now fee cut is 90% to cover the cost of gas transaction. It is 100% active since Livepeer switched to Arbitrum One thanks to the low gas fee. I am very happy that I discovered a project like Livepeer, I believe in its success and I am adding my brick. I am still experimenting and testing the livepeer network to reduce maintenance costs and ensure the highest possible reliability of the node. At this moment, the node can handle up to 10 streams, which is not used anyway. I usually have 1-2 streams. The node will be expanded as needed, however the balance is important to keep costs low.

If you want to support Dogenode and enjoy 0% fee stake with Dogenode click the link below.

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