Transcoder Campaign: Exchange Listing Effort


This is a campaign thread for a Livepeer transcoder node:


I am Marc Cymontkowski, work in the video business for 20 years and am very excited about livepeer :smiley:

I’d like to support the project by trying to get LPT listed on exchanges. Therefore I will initially cut 50% of the rewards for my efforts and the required listing fees.

Then I’ll lower the reward over time, once the token gains some value.

Please delegate towards me, if you want to support this effort. I’ll try to be as transparent as possible with my efforts.



hi Marc

great help! the first 42 LPT are from my side :slight_smile:


Nice, we love you Marc! Congratulations on launching your campaign!

I hope some of my broadcasts start getting transcoded by your node!


Ok, a little update after the first 15 days.

It started very bumpy and I had to restart the crashed transcoder every morning. Stability is fine now after the recent two updates!

Then a couple of days ago I realized that my rewards are not getting invoked, so I had a look at it and found that the fees dramatically increased on the Ethereum network. So I allowed higher fees and was able to invoke the rewards through the CLI interface.

Back on track! I assume I don’t need to mention that the fees are a “little” high for these tasks :wink:


I ran into this error yesterday:


Thanks, Chris :smiley:


Hi Guys, sorry for missing a couple of rewards the last two days! I hadn’t checked explicitly and the transcoder wasn’t properly calling the reward automatically again :-/ I’ll take better care the next days!!


Hey @heidabyr - I hope you are doing well and enjoying the summer!

I was wondering if there was any news on getting LPT listed on an exchange?

All the best! Chris


Hi Marc,

Great job on getting LPT listed on Radar Relay - trading against wETH and DAI… it’s so inspiring to see LPT get an embryonic market value.

And it’s so great to see your node so high in the rankings - congratulations for amassing so much support, and for the node’s own stake.

Do you have plans to list on other exchanges?

Or perhaps to enable trading more pairs including LPT? For example, I see that Aragon Network Token (ANT), Status Network Token (SNT), Gnosis Network Token (GNT), Basic Attention Token (BAT), OmiseGo (OMG), PowerLedger (PWR) are all listed on RadarRelay as well, and we have friends in some of those projects.


This transcoder node did not call reward yesterday, which means any delegators bonded towards you missed out on their token.


This transcoder also just unbonded all their LPT from their transcoder.


we are in contact with this transcoder.

the reason for the unbonding was that the stake should be moved to a cold wallet to minimize the risk of keeping them on the transcoder hot wallet.

unfortunately the transcoder operator wasnt aware he would accidentally deregister by not partially unbonding.

He fixed this immediately and as I hear the unbonded stake is going to be delegated after the lock period from the new cold wallet.

We are in contact with the transcoder operator since the first weeks of the protocol launch.


Hi Everybody, sorry for the hiccup!

As @f1l1b0x said, I had a lot of token on the transcoder hot wallet and wanted to move them to another address, in order to bond them from there. I’m sorry you guys lost rewards for one round. Meanwhile it’s all back up and in normal operation!

Thanks, Marc


missed call reward again :grimacing:
0% reward cut for couple of rounds to make up for it? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, I saw it this morning :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’m checking the reward call every day and the transcoder did it properly itself for the whole week. Then I trust it for a single day while I’m out and it cheats me!

Did anybody write a script for frequent checking already? And is willing to share?


I’ll reduce the reward cut to 0.5% for a while and work on an automation script tomorrow, so I won’t miss another reward call.


Livepeer token (LPT) are now available for trading on Poloniex:


On December 7th, LPT was added to IDEX:


You can also exchange it on


Today at 12:00 GMT the livepeer token (LPT) got aded to WeiDEX.

Now you can trade LPT here, too: