Transcoder Campaign: ICObliss Transcoder 0xe3ad18 - 100% Fee Share

Hello Livepeer Community!

Welcome to ICObliss Transcoder and thank you for taking your time to check out our campaign.

ICObliss is a community curated initial coin offering (ICO) ratings platform where ratings are given by a community of over 10,000 users. By giving power back to the community, we aim to bring more transparency to the industry and the blockchain space in general.

Our Motivation

We decided to start running our own transcoder node as a way to contribute, support and give back to the community with the resources that we have.

We believe that by playing an active role (such as through running a node) and by leveraging on our existing community, we can help in the adoption/understanding of blockchain and its possible applications in the world today.

Transcoder Details

Reward cut: 4%
Fee share: 100%
Price per segment: 140 wei

Why Delegate to Our Node

  • Reasonable reward cut of 4% which we aim to decrease over time
  • 100% of fees (in ETH) goes to you
  • Incentives, prizes and bonus LPT/ETH (once we become an active node)
  • We target for 100% reward calls and 24/7 uptime
  • Established website with a strong existing community of over 10,000 users

Start delegating to ICObliss Transcoder here:


Connect With Us

Feel free to join our Telegram community here and receive the latest updates or if you have any questions!