Transcoder Campaign: @j1v

Node is still offering the lowest reward cut, never raised the cut and never missed a round.

Thanks for trusting me


Node upgraded to a “streamflow orchestrator” node.

At this time I am not changing reward cut, even if the current prices and inflation are very insufficient to run the node.

I am waiting instead to see how the network, orchestrators and market will change after the upgrade and then maybe I’ll update fees accordingly, keeping of course the promise to offer the lowest reward cut.

Thanks to the devs for doing the upgrade process smooth and comprehensive.

Thanks to everybody who trusted me and helped me move to such high position in the orchestrators list ( 8th place currently )


Hello, first I would like to thank you for the good work that you are doing. The experience I’ve had staking with your node is excellent, keep it up.
I am considering moving my other account to your node, but will wait a little more to see how things develop overall. I would like to help keep things decentralised as much as possible (in the long run, I believe that to be the best thing for the network as a whole) so I will probably not be staking with the biggest node.
I would ask more about your plans, but I understand we’ll just have to wait and see how the situation plays out. Untill then, good luck!


At this moment I am not planning to buy nvidia GPUs for transcoding, as I have more than enough AMDs. So until the livepeer team releases a version, that supports AMD transcoding I am open to anybody willing to proivide transcoding services trough my node.

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I like this kind of work! Always in touch, stability and low interest. You can pick it up a little))) I send you all my LPTs as soon as they appear with me.

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Your campaign page was one of the first I came across when I started to go around pages about Livepeer. This was 2-3 months back and I’ve played thru the transcoders, bonding one to another, just to understand the system. Now I decided to come back to the starting page (which was actually the best option for a small delegator like me -stable transcoder with low interest and always in touch), bonding all I have and here to stay =)

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I’ll keep doing my best to not disappoint you all


Like I said earlier, reward cut at current prices and inflation is far from sufficient.

At this moment the lowest, non zero reward cut in the active orchestrators list is 1% and I am planning to change mine to 0.9%, keeping the promise of offering the lowest non zero reward cut.

I’m planning to do that in the next round, so stakers that are not happy with that have more than 48 hours to react.

Thanks to everyone else for not leaving :slight_smile: :pray:

As expected, few left ( less than 2% of the stakers ).

Meanwhile, there is an active orchestrator, offering lower, non zero stake - 0.8%, so I’m matching it for the next round.

Updated Orchestrator Cut
01/28/2020 7:26:05 am – Round #1626
0.8% R
1% F

Thanks for trusting me.

There is an active orchestrator with a lower non-zero fee cut of 0.5%, so I’m matching it as promised :

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I came for the competitive reward cut, but stayed for the regular updates. Thanks for your work!


Reward cut has been lowered to 0.49% to match the new low-bidders, as promised.

Node has been offering the lowest non zero reward cut without a single missed reward since 372 blocks.

Thanks for your support.


Hi, I appreciate that you are willing to match the lowest reward cut but would recommend that you charge what you feel would help you keep maintaining the service for the long term (even if it means being higher than the lowest reward cut!). Ultimately quality is better appreciated than just price. All my LPT are bonded to you.
The fee cut that I see is confusing. Is it 1% or 99%? Any plans to have some of the fees routed through you?

Up to this moment maintaining the promised strategy never harmed the quality of the service.

If reward cut ever becomes insufficient to maintain the stability and quality I’ll consider changing it.

Now as there are free orchestrator seats, maybe I’ll stop matching the nodes with history less than a month or below some staking power or something like that for two reasons - giving them the chance to succeed in the long term and to prevent unnecessary reward cut changes overall.

As far as fees are concerned - I don’t have access to Nvidia cards but I run and support a fair amount of AMDs, so yes, as soon as AMDs become supported I’ll offer a quite capable transcoding power.

The current volume of transcoding jobs doesn’t make buying new cards or renting them a thing to consider. If it becomes higher before AMD support is released I could replace some of the AMD GPUs with Nvidia.

My opinion is fee cut doesn’t really matters at this moment yet.

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Missed my first round - been terribly busy those few days and did not see the account ran out of eth for transaction fees.

current round’s reward are claimed manually after top up.

Next step is to set up alarms based on eth levels in the account.

Sorry about the missed reward.

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It’s been a while since I did not have the time to deal with crypto, except for the most urgent tasks, like keeping the node up and running and taking care to not miss another round.

Transactions have become very expensive lately, so I’m matching the current lowest reward cut ( 1% ), as the last two months node has been running on a loss.

Node upgraded to the latest version.

Still offering the lowest reward cut at 1%, hopefully that’s going to be enough to keep up to the raised gas prices and high transaction cost.

At current gas price / lpt price I am basically paying double for txn fees than the reward received every day ( 3 LPT / ~5 USD vs 0.04 ETH / ~10 USD ). From what I am observing, the situation with gas prices is not going to change soon, so unfortunately I’ll have to raise the reward cut to 2%

Two days later the tax I payed for reward claim is 140% higher than the reward.

Unfortunately I’ll have to raise the reward once again, to 3% on short notice as I don’t want to be running a node on a loss.

Still offering one of the lowest reward cuts, and for sure all the nodes offering lower cuts are running on a great loss ( up to 0.02eth / day )

Thanks for staying with me

I’m starting to claim rewards manually by choosing the time window with the lowest gas prices.

Please ignore any alarms from the bots for the first hours of the 22h window.

After a couple of rounds I’ll be looking to automate that process if still needed.