Transcoder Campaign: @j1v


I am wondering what’s the logic behind such a move. First staking on a transcoder with a lower cut fee ( 0.4% / 4471.31 LPT staked ), and next, in less than an hour, move it to the biggest transcoder, that has higher fee ( 0.9% / 706788.5 LPT staked ).

As far as I see, he thinks the more bonded LPT on that node will bring him more rewards. What do you guys think ?


10 successful rounds, no missed rewards.

I’m lowering again the reward cut to 0.34% to become again the lowest from all the trnascoders


I think you’re right. It’s kinda like the mentality of supporting the football team at the top of the league.


Moving upwards to 17th place, thanks to a hefty stake.

I’ll continue to follow my plan to be the most competitive node with the lowest reward cut providing the highest reward for the stakers.

No changes needed this round.


0.24% reward cut.

We’ll see where this is going to become pointless.


Node is still the one with the lowest reward cut and the result is already visible.

No rounds missed, still running stable.
Thanks for your trust.


There is a new node, running at 0% reward.

I don’t find the logic behind that, so I’m not going after him.

My node is still the one with the lowest reward cut ( 0.24% ) from those actually taking fees, so no changes at this moment.

21 rounds running stable with no missed claims. Thanks to all the delegators.


Looks like the previous post did reach the owner of the node with 0% reward cut as he raised it to 0.20%.

I’m not going ot lowbid that, but at least will match it and lower mine to 0.20% :

Invoking transaction: "transcoder". Hash: "0x3de4810dcd700e8c4308f3b7f079cef4bafdd612e75305850033961081e55690". Params: [2000 1000000 150000000000] :

A reward cut of 0.2% will kick in next round


For some reason explorer is sometimes showing a missed round ( as on all other transcoders ) - it’s not true.

All round rewards called successfully so far and not a round missed.


35 rounds so far, all rewards called.

Still offering the lowest reward cut. Other nodes joined the game of matching that cut lately, so you can blame me if you find that wrong, or stake your LPT on my node as a sign of gratitude :slight_smile:


Node is gaining momentum, thanks for trusting me.

Unbonded some LPT yesterday, let that not worry anyone, just wanted to check the unbound/ withdraw process and transfer LPT to other wallets.

My plan is to accumulate as much LPT as possible for the next stages of the network.

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Matching the new players and their reward cut :

A reward cut of 0.19% will kick in next round


Explorer is currently showing a lot of the nodes as inactive, including this node on a random basis.

It is online and still offering the lowest reward cut and all rewards had been called in time.

Thanks for trusting me.


I warmly applaud your strategy of “learning through doing”.
I’ve always found “diving in at the deep end” to be an ace swimming coach:)

It bothers me somewhat that nowhere in the forum can I find a transcoder focussed on earning fees from streaming, i.e. marketing and competing to attract users of transcoding services.

Given that streaming services are the “raison d’etre” of the platform, I find this situation somewhat wierd.
Or is streaming impractical until the new generation of software is released?



You won’t find one, as currently there aren’t many broadcasters yet, so basically no real transcoding jobs.

As far as i’m aware we’re expecting the streamflow upgrade to make the network way more usable and hopefully lead to adoption.

The Streamflow proposal introduces updates to the Livepeer protocol and offchain implementations which will allow Livepeer to scale beyond the current limitations of the alpha protocol deployed to the Ethereum blockchain.


A reward cut of 0.18% will kick in next round

thanks for trusting me


46 days after the first reward claim and not a round missed so far.

Still offering the lowest reward cut and keeping the promise of matching the lowest bidders.


There is a new transcoder offering lower reward cut - 0.17% and I’m matching it as promised.

I will not go lower than the low bidding nodes but will match them. Also I’m not matching nodes offering 0% reward cut.

Good news! - Transcoder 0xd18a02... lowered the reward cut!

Starting next round, the reward cut will be 0.17% (currently 0.18%).

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More than two months, 100% reliability combined with the lowest reward cut.
Thanks for trusting me

The transcoder is active since round 1263

10.0% Reward cut set at round 1262 - Transaction link
1.0% Reward cut set at round 1263 - Transaction link
0.4% Reward cut set at round 1266 - Transaction link
0.34% Reward cut set at round 1272 - Transaction link
0.24% Reward cut set at round 1276 - Transaction link
0.2% Reward cut set at round 1285 - Transaction link
0.19% Reward cut set at round 1302 - Transaction link
0.18% Reward cut set at round 1311 - Transaction link
0.17% Reward cut set at round 1322 - Transaction link

Reward calls: 72 out of 72 --> Reliability: 100%

There is a node with lower fee, so again I’m matching it as promised

Starting next round, the reward cut will be 0.16% (currently 0.17%).