Transcoder Campaign: Livepeer Emerging Markets 0x8909



This page is the hub of a campaign to connect Livepeer’s emerging blockchain-based infrastructure to Emerging Markets, including India, Africa, Asia, China, and South and Central America.

This campaign is about including and empowering vast swathes of talented and motivated people to understand how to become part of helping make Livepeer successful, and also participating in the project’s financial story.

How you can support this campaign

You can support this campaign by bonding your Livepeer Tokens (LPT) to a Transcoding node running Livepeer’s software as part of the decentralised livestreaming platform.

Livepeer Tokens are the Ethereum-based crypto-currency to fund the creation of Livepeer’s protocol for decentralized livestreaming.

To do this, simply go to this link to Livepeer’s protocol explorer, click image and then image - then follow the process.

Don’t have Livepeer Tokens (LPT)?

If you don’t have Livepeer Tokens (LPT), there are a number of ways you can get them:

  • Anyone can apply for a grant from Livepeer Emerging Markets node to fund a Livepeer-related project in Africa, Asia, India, China, and South and Central America.

    • Transcoder Startup Grants - we are currently offering 100 grants of 0.000000000000000001 LPT, which is the minimum possible amount needed to register as a transcoder. See the section Run a transcoding Node yourself below.
  • Run a transcoding Node yourself - copy me, by running a video transcoding node with Livepeer’s software, and start a campaign for people to bond to you

    • You will need at least 0.000000000000000001 LPT to get started

    • if you post your Livepeer node’s Ethereum address in the emerging-markets Discord channel, then you will recieve one of the 100 grants for this amount.

    • you will also need some Ethereum to pay for gas.

    • if you can become active, you will get a share of the inflationary reward.

    • Find out more at the Transcoding Megathread.

  • Developers - can contribute code and earn a gitcoin bounty of LPT (more details to follow)

  • Eth holders can participate in the alpha launch and claim their share of the 6.3m Livepeer Tokens (LPT) released to anyone with > 0.1 ETH at block 5,264,265 of Ethereum’s blockchain.

  • Anyone can “Get Token” from the Decentralized Livepeer Community.

  • Find other LPT holders - ask them how to get some LPT. They usually hang out in Livepeer’s Discord server.


Join the conversation in the emerging-markets channel on Livepeer’s Discord server

Existing Community

The following nodes are known to be operating in Asia:

Transcoder Campaign: 0x88 Hyper Transcoder
Transcoder Campaign: 0xA204 Transcoder - 🇭🇰Asia Hong Kong

As part of it’s ongoing work to develop the Emerging Markets, Livepeer will be proudly participating in ETHIndia - Asia’s Biggest Ethereum Hackathon, and part of the ETHGlobal series of Hackathon.

To find out more, go to and