DeBoot Open Research - an Invitation, an Update, and a Call To Action

What is Deboot?

DeBoot is a technique to boot a host computer into its runtime by loading its instruction set (e.g. its operating system) into memory from decentralised (or “non-local”) storage.

This is as an alternative to loading it into memory from local storage.

DeBoot News…

DeBoot has opened its research and development activities and invites anyone who is interested in running software on hardware.

You are free to join the open research groups DeBoot Open Research.


DeBoot 2024-Feb Update

DeBoot project released v0.2.0 of its technique for booting host hardware (x86_64 , aarch64 ) into software retrieved from decentralised storage (Ethereum Swarm).

Metadata for the release is at or bzz://db4a9ea1a4d73343dc9fccb836fb1d9eec35a8fa9261764bed5facc456f8cb66 and also published as an appendix to this notice.

Initial options available to DeBoot a host device into are shown in the image below:

Call To Action

During my involvement in the project, I have felt compelled to seek to create options to boot a host device into being any one of the following::

  1. a go-livepeer Broadcaster Node (Livepeer)
  2. a go-livepeer Orchestrator Node (Livepeer)
  3. a go-livepeer Transcoder Node (Livepeer)
  4. a MistServer Node (Standalone)
  5. a Catalyst Node (Livepeer)
  6. an Arbitrum Node
  7. an Ethereum Full Node

Being able to configure a kind of “super node” that would perform all of the above functions would make it as easy for someone to spin up a full self-sovereign standalone Livepeer stack as plugging in a USB, booting the host from the USB, and selecting “Livepeer Full Node”. Then DeBoot does everything else.

Sure, a user would have to “Connect Wallet” somehow, in order to top up the Broadcaster’s Deposit / Reserve. However, this would only be if they wanted to make use of Livepeer’s Transcoding (and other??) services.

If anyone is interested in collaborating on this research and development of new ways to deploy media software onto hardware, come find me on Discord and let’s talk.

Appendix - v0.2.0 Release Metadata


  "name": "deboot",

  "date": "2024-02-08",

  "version": "0.2.0",

  "loader": "bzz://a8e4c9406e3882e745566f907e6477d10cdc44ca6d3349563ccb6619bae22ce5",

  "docs": "",

  "source": "",

  "entries": [


      "id": "94a6153735b380e5e45f13e657912d7a3f07c0c570d2389d575cfb4d24055ee6",

      "desc": "(network boot) Bee Ultra Light Node (Swarm) v0.1"



      "id": "b78752606742d738ea3094d089e1ac99f1e3dbfb0e1075f0e36c0db1bf0dbc50",

      "desc": "(network boot) Nimbus Fluffy Node (Ethereum - Portal Network) v0.1"