GPU Not supported?

I am new and just checking livepeer out. I am behind a CGNAT and have no publicly routable IP address, so livepool seemed like a good test and much simpler. I apologize if this isnt the correct place to post. I didnt see a good livepool support/forum.

[vp8_cuvid @ 0x46efa80] Codec vp8_cuvid is not supported.
ERROR: decoder.c:274] Unable to open video decoder : Invalid argument
ERROR: decoder.c:301] Unable to open video decoder : Invalid argument

I am using a Quadro P2000, and it seems as though it should be working. Looking at the NVEC coder/decoder capabilities, it seems like it should work just fine. Just curious if I was doing something stupid. Thanks!

Was your node able to startup successfully?

If so, just based on what you shared, I suspect your node started up properly and the logs you are seeing just indicate that the node tested itself for the vp8_cuvid capability and reported that it is not supported.

If not, providing more complete logs from your node would be helpful.