How to propose changes to Livepeer's Documentation


Livepeer’s Documentation is available for viewing at, and for editing at livepeer-org Github repo.


In order to propose a change, you will need:

  • A web browser connected to the internet
  • A github account, logged in

Proposing a change

Finding the file you want to change

Before you can propose a change, you must find the file in the github repository containing the information which you would like to change.

You can do this by finding the page in, and reading the URL for the page.

In the example below, the URL for the page ends with docs/video-miners/getting-started/activation

This corresponds to the page in livepeer-org Github repo at docs/video-miners/getting-started/activation.mdx:

Editing the file

Once you have found the file in github, you can edit the document.

You can start this by clicking the “edit” button, shown as a pencil icon and highlighted in the screenshot below:

Clicking this icon will open a web-based editor, to allow you to make changes to the file in the browser.

Proposing changes

Once you have edited the file, scroll to the bottom of the page, where you will need to write a brief description of the change, including a title and some notes.

It is heavily recommended to make this description as informative as possible, so that a moderator is able to understand the nature of the change.

Once this is complete, click “Propose changes”.

Note: this will not make the changes in the livepeer-org repo, but instead it will make changes to a “fork” of the livepeer-org repo in your own github account. If you don’t know what a fork is, you can read more about it here.

Create pull request

Once the changes have been proposed, you will need to formally contribute your changes back to the project.

The page you will now be on shows a comparison of the changes between the current version at, and the edited version in your “fork”.

This allows you to review the changes before contributing them.

Click “Create pull request” to begin the process of contributing your edits.

This will open the final page before creating the pull request, and allows you to add any further explanation for the reasoning behind your changes:

Once you are satisfied with your proposed contributions, click “Create pull request”.

This will formally submit your proposed changes in a Pull Request.


Pull Requests are a great way for anyone to contribute to code or documentation for open source projects.

The Pull Request submitted in the process of creating this document can be found here:

As you will see, this page provides opportunities for github users to add comments and discuss the changes. If appropriate, this PR will be reviewed by the repository’s moderators, and may be “merged” into the original repository, and displayed in


Thanks to community member @adrianm for inspiring this post.