Knowing about livepeer

Hello there
I recently came accross the livepeer through Google, & I am planning to use it for my upcoming web projects. The tool has a great library & documentation which makes it easy to implement it on any projects, but my dought is where exactly the video is being stored initially. Why I got this dought is when I tried to upload the video asset in livepeer studio it 1st showed that the video by default is being stored in livepeer servers which then gives the option to store it in ipfs. And also in billing section the billing is also based on the minutes streamed through CDN. Where does the CDN comes into picture here. Do livepeer provide it’s own cdn for video distribution?
Please I need to fully know the tech I am planning to use for my upcoming projects. Currently I am stuck finding the answers for my above questions. Please reply me asap

I think it’s important to separate Livepeer the protocol from Livepeer Studio. Livepeer itself is a transcoding network and does not provide storage by default. That’s up to the developer. Livepeer Studio is a project built on top of the Livepeer network by Livepeer inc, the core team behind Livepeer. I don’t know exactly how Livepeer Studio handles storage, but I know they were making a big push to use IPFS instead of centralized providers. I see you got some replies in Discord as well, but in any case, I hope this helps :slight_smile: