Livepeer status as of initial project announcement

We’re excited to open up the Livepeer project to the community. Although we aim to deliver a fully decentralized, crypto-token incentivized protocol, platform, network, and open source media server, we have a lot of work ahead of us. Here’s where the project is today:

What Livepeer can do

  • Technical users can build and run a proof of concept Livepeer node.
  • It will connect to other nodes on the toynet network.
  • Users can start a live broadcast.
  • Users can consume a live broadcast.
  • Users can performing the most basic transcoding (transmuxing) of their stream from RTMP to HLS so that it can be played in the browser without flash.

What Livepeer will do in the future

  • Token based crypto incentives for running a node that performs transcoding and content distribution will be introduced in the future.
  • The media server will support many transcoding options including support for different codecs, protocols, and bitrates.
  • Additional features beyond just transcoding, such as recording content, realtime communication, and filters for extensibility will be introduced.
  • More clients and services to make it easy for anyone to broadcast and consume video in their application or product will be developed.
  • Test and live production networks will be introduced along the way for proper testing of the protocol, incentives, and node software.

See the Roadmap for features that we plan to support. What else would you like to see?