WebRTC and Broadcasting Live Streaming


Hello. I’m new here so be gentle! :slight_smile:

I am by no means a seasoned programmer or video guru.

So, I have this idea for building a webrtc broadcasting feature (think sorta like OBS) and have the basic capabilities working. By basic I mean I can initiate a Broadcast Moderator and have broadcast guest join the moderator in the broadcast. The broadcast moderator as well as the broadcast guests all generate their own webrtc streams.
And I can have a limited number of broadcast viewers, Limited because I am doing this locally on my virtual machines right now and have limited bandwidth. The viewers are one way only and can only see and hear the broadcasters.

My issue is bandwidth. As your white paper mentions, it is way too expensive for a one man show like me to afford the 3rd party live streaming distributors. I did bump into the Bit Torrent Live streaming project, but apparently it has been shelved.

So, is Livepeer something I can use to get around the bandwidth limitations?

And overall how is the Livepeer project going? Is there a schedule for perhaps a live demo?


Hey @rayj00, welcome!

Yes, you could use the Livepeer network for the broadcast piece for sure! Though we’re on testnet…not yet in production, so it’s not at production quality for reliability, but it’s a start.

The best way to get started is to download the Livepeer binary, run it, and stream your broadcast to it over RTMP. (Instructions here.) Then it will be accessible from any other node in the network or through our gateway at media.livepeer.org/player.html.

Let me know what questions you have, or jump into our dev chat room, and folks there will be happy to help you get going.