Whitepaper Updates

We just pushed a bunch of updates to The Livepeer Whitepaper to bring it up to date after five months of implementation. Some of the changes include:

  • Updated all protocol parameters and transaction types. EndJob(), ClaimWork(), Verify(), InitializeRound(), DistributeFees(), UpdateDelegatorStake() are some of the updated transactions, and PersistenceLength, InflationRate, and FinderFee are some of the updated params.
  • Transcoders can now call Reward() once per round, and the timing or order that they call it no longer matters.
  • Inflationary token is now distributed according to stake.
  • The section describing inflation is now updated to reflect inflation as an incentive to participate in the delegation and staking protocol in order to ensure a high quality and secure network.
  • Transcoders are responsible for writing data to persistent storage for verification, and not broadcasters.
  • Introduced the transcoder griefing attack
  • Mention intermediate solutions for verification prior to Truebit’s availability.
  • Provide mention of P2P CDNs and PPSPP in content distribution section.

For a full list of changes, check out the commits.

The goal is that the Whitepaper describes the ideal protocol in spirit as we move towards full decentralization as underlying platforms are themselves built out. In the meantime, we offer solutions that will also work today as we take those steps.

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