AI VIDEO Compute: Consumer app Tsunameme go to market strategy

Hello community

We’ve been focused on developing the consumer app for SPE [link] since early January. In terms of an MVP, we believe the app is nearly 90% complete and it ready to be tested by the market soon.

Now, we would like to discuss our initial ideas on the go to market strategy.

Our target users are individuals who enjoy using gifs on social media and messaging platforms. The Tsunameme app enables these users to effortlessly create impressive gifs without needing the expertise of professional visual artists. My intuition says there are many people fit the profile out there.

For example, I can imagine social media managers, who typically use gifs from the built-in features on X or messaging apps, would appreciate this app since they could create something completely different with a little bit extra effort. But on the other hand, existing gif creators might not appreciate this app as much since it’s too restrictive for them.

The current app has a straightforward viral loop and it works like this:

Most “growth” or “go to market” plans involves two things: Increase motivation and reduce frictions. So let’s break them down:

Increase motivations: We propose to have another round of gif competitions among the app users. The competition could be organized inside the app, on X or inside the Livepeer discord channel.

  • If it’s in the app, we might need to implement some features to let people submit their work and vote for their favorite gifs.
  • If it’s on X, we might ask ppl to tag their gif submission with some hashtag in order to be identified. Each option would require different efforts.
  • If it’s on Discord, we could organize a dedicated channel for submissions and voting.

Decrease friction:

  • Extending the app to support desktop usage. We have heard multiple people telling us that most of their usages happen on desktop.
  • Exploring ways to get Tsunameme gif indexed by large gif communities such as Giphy, Tenor. So more people can discover our amazing gifs.
  • What can we do on Farcaster/Warpcast to leverage its booming ecosystem?
  • Looking for ways to engage influencers on social with gifs.
  • A discord bot that enables the gif creations via a command line experience.
  • Continuously optimizing the user funnel of the app to remove any potential drop off in the creation process.
  • Open source the project and get more people to contribute to the app

That’s it for now. We are not trying to convince everyone to love this app. Instead, we just want to reach those who are already seeking this app but don’t know it exists yet. Since there are only two of us working on this project, we must be highly strategic about what to do and what NOT to do.

Looking forward to your feedback!

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Maybe we should highlight Text2Image feature of the app, even more than Gif creation.
Text to Image is definitely more nececssary to everyday life, than creating Gifs. Not to mention Diffusion models’ Gifs may sometimes be not even that pretty to look at. (With movements and all)
Whereas Dall-E, for example, is mainstream already.


I think that would be a different app, an app that focuses on text 2 image feature.

why not both? text to image as a first step, if somebody wants to proceed further he may, but why would you not let ppl keep their generated image only?


There is no way for the app to stop you from keeping the generated image. A simple screenshot will do the job. At step 2, we could even add “download” or “share” button on the static image to make it possible to share static images.

I am responding to this comment “highlight Text2Image feature of the app, even more than Gif creation”.

With the current SVD model being unpredictable, many times resulting in gifs with unintended and unappealing results i.e. extra or missing limbs and odd distortions, I also think being able to create a meme from the AI generated image would be a good option to include in the app.


I agree. The app would be better off if it presented “Create an image from text” as a seperate and clear function, distinct from gif creation. As much as it seems like a subset of gif creation functionality, Text2Image deserves its own show on the app imo. As opposed to “you can download your image on the way to creating a gif”