Realtime Interactive Video SPE - Updates

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Lots of exciting things happening:

  • Livepeer Studio Integration: Kicked off technical solutioning with Livepeer Studio. They are now integrated into our Slack workspace.
  • Senior UI Developer: Starting today, a senior UI developer is joining us on a part-time basis to assist our junior developer.
  • Feed Feature: Our feed feature is now live! Check it out here.
  • TEAZY Token: We have the initial designs for the TEAZY token ready.
  • New Community Manager: Starting July 2nd, our new community manager will begin a 1-month trial focusing primarily on research.
  • LPT Transactions: Claimed 1.65k LPT. Distributed 1k LPT to our developers as promised and sold 650 LPT to secure funding for the next month.

A little preview of the TEAZY token:

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Development Update

We are in deep development mode, and our new senior architect has identified several areas for improvement:

Faster Loading Pages: Many improvements have already been made and released.

Modular Code: Refactoring to make the code more modular.

Data Normalization: Preparing data structures for the next big feature development: Discover/Filter/Search.

For the rest of this month, our development focus includes:

User Onboarding Flow: Streamlining the onboarding process.

User vs. Creators: Differentiating user roles.

Account Verification: Enhancing verification processes.

Check out the new user login here.

Chat Functionality

Chat functionality is looking pretty good; it just needs a couple of UI improvements, and it will be ready. We also plan to work on having moderation functionality in the chat and livestreams, so that the host has the ability to block offensive users and put them into timeout.

Feed Feature

The feed feature is looking good as well. We’ve integrated Storj for storing images/videos and are also using Storj for chat historical messages and attached pics/videos/voice messages.

New Community Manager

Our new community manager started on July 2nd on a part-time basis. Their main focus is on research, assisting with the user onboarding flow to determine necessary fields, and helping grow our Twitter following.

Business Update

On the business side, we are in talks with several interested investors. Our goal is to form a group of initial seed investors for TEAZY tokens and to figure out the tokenomics.

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