Weekly Update - 5/26/2017

This week was crypto-conference week in New York City with Ethereal, Consensus, and Token Summit all happening. We took to the opportunity to present Livepeer at Consensus and Token Summit, and to meet with a lot of the great projects in the community that we’re building on top of. It was great to meet all the smart folks in person who we only have interacted with over the internet to date.

Here is a 5-minute video of my presentation at Token Summit yesterday which touches on both the technology and business case for Livepeer:

Protocol Update
Development of the smart contracts for the Livepeer protocol is continuing along nicely. Code for the first pass of transcoder election via bonding, delegation, and rounds is complete. The Reward() function which mints new tokens to delegators is underway, and as soon as we complete the first pass we’ll open source the contracts since we’ll have our first working loop.

Video Update
Our next goal on the video side is to experiment with PPSPP protocol for distributing live video amongst a Swarm of peers, to achieve more resilience against churn and nodes with less bandwidth at critical relay points.

We are also looking to add a team member with significant video engineering experience, so if you are interested, or know someone who might be, please get in touch. Read the role description here.