Weekly Update - Livepeer on the Road

On The Road
It’s been an unconventional couple of weeks for much of the Livepeer team. Generally we’ve been focused on building out our protocol for the past few months, but last week and this we had the opportunity to get out in the community a bit, show people what we’ve built, and learn from other decentralized projects. Some events that team members attended included:

Here are the slides from the SV Ethereum Meetup talk: https://gateway.ipfs.io/ipfs/QmWx1LoUzk7JuwQmwduuBbr4hf5U4F6QUzLLtiz2EURrpx

Overall it was great to show off Livepeer in action to lots of projects in the space. The reception to our technical first approach was very strong. There’s a lot of energy in decentralized tech right now, even though there is also a lot of unhealthy noise around marketing token sales at the moment.

Technical Updates
On the technical side, we’re getting closer to a launchable protocol. We built out the smart contracts that will set the genesis state and initialize the network with the proper state. I wrote a post about some of the issues that all projects have to be addressed to get a protocol live on the Ethereum Mainnet

We also have kicked off work on upgrading the web player so that broadcasters can register a stream/channel in advance, share the link, and actually give their users a good, well designed experience to consume the stream, whether or not they’re actually running a Livepeer node. This will be a good update for our current barebones web player. Get in touch with @jozanza if you have feature requests!

@joewest has started building out the test env repo, which aims to simplify the Livepeer development experience. Any developer should be able to get the entire Livepeer environment running by running just one or two commands.

Contribute to Livepeer
We set up a public project proposals board where folks can see some of the projects that the community would love to see built. Feel free to propose any ideas, comment on any existing proposals with questions or ideas, or find collaborators to jump on a project of your own. We can support and help with development potentially.