Livepeer Community Call - 1/18/2018

Update on Livepeer testnet

  • Goal: launch the protocol on the main net, so we can get the tokens into people’s hands.
  • Challenge: protocol needs to be secure. In Ethereum, it’s hard to upgrade.
  • What we are doing: we are on v3 of the test network.
  • Test network demo
    • Using the CLI, you can now view the protocol status and interact with the Livepeer protocol
  • In testnet v1, it took about a week worth of rounds until the protocol got stuck due to a bug
  • In testnet v2, it ran a week and got stuck because the inflation rate was too high (due to a bad initial parameter)
  • In testnet v3, things look pretty good so far.
  • We’ll continue to do this and battle test the network. When we are confident, we’ll launch the network in the public Ethereum network.

Protocol update

  • Finished Ethereum payment
  • On going - tooling to observe test network behavior
  • Next step - internal audit

Protocol explorer

  • We have a explorer!
  • Shows testnet contract information
  • Integrates with Metamask (so you can switch between accounts and networks)
  • Shows “profile view” for any ethereum address (token balance, job history, etc)
  • Do transactions (transfer tokens, request from faucet, etc)
  • Built with Livepeer javascript sdk

Livepeer tv

  • We have a studio in Berlin!
  • We are inviting artists and musicians to come perform at the studio, all of the content is streamed into the Livepeer testnet (accessible at
  • They are already getting tips in Eth for their live streams!
  • We need to make Livepeer more resilient


  • We are hosting a Livepeer Meetup in Berlin on 1/31!
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