Weekly Update - Github Action - 11/18/2017

After a couple weeks on the road it was back to work at Livepeer HQ this week. On the business side we’ve been putting together some materials to help educate non-technical folks about Livepeer as we approach a main network launch, but the majority of the action has been on Github. Here’s a glimpse at some of the tracks that have pushed forward in the last couple weeks:

We continue to push forward on the protocol, consisting of the Ethereum smart contracts. The goal is to get to a candidate version for testing, external audit, and peer review. And we’re in the home stretch on issues for the Pre-Audit Milestone.

An exciting new project that we’ve been working on is a Javascript SDK for Livepeer so that web developers can include LIvepeer powered videos in their apps and DApps, as well as interact with the protocols. The Livepeer.js repo isn’t ready for v1 release yet, but it is a work in progress containing the SDK and an example protocol explorer, console CLI, and video player. Look for fast progress here.

The latest incarnation of the Livepeer Testnet is deployed, complete with the latest protocol updates and bug fixes. We’re still working out some scalability issues before actually promoting it, but look for an announcement in the coming week.

We have a new docs repo which powers a new documentation site on Read The Docs. We’ll make an official announcement and version tag when we think that the docs line up perfectly with instructions for joining the new testnet, but for now anyone in the community can submit any edits or updates as they see issues. This is a great way to get started with contributing to Livepeer, before jumping into code.

We’ve set up an open board listing out the research areas that Livepeer is focusing on. We’re closely following and collaborating with other projects on these areas, but we welcome any community and academic participation. Feel free to drop interesting links related to the topics in the accompanying issues.