Weekly Development Update - August 14th 2019

Hey Livepeer community, here are this week’s updates from the development team.

Last week’s progress:

  • We had a couple of team members off last week, so not as much progress in our priority areas.
  • Setup new block/event watching architecture (ported from https://github.com/0xProject/0x-mesh/tree/development/ethereum/blockwatch) for the node which allows us to start implementing PM specific event watching logic
  • Fixed a few bugs discovered in e2e payment workflow testing relating to cache timeouts, rounding errors when checking balances and a concurrency race condition that caused ticket redemption transaction failures
  • Added support for reporting transcoding prices from a node which can also be visualized in a Grafana dashboard side by side with ETH gas prices (see screenshot)
  • Made some progress on getting things set up to test with GPUs located outside the Livepeer test cloud. Our GPU platform vendor makes ingress traffic difficult, and we’re working around those issues.
  • Proof of concept implementation of transcoding verification was built by one of our team members: https://github.com/mkrufky/coersion
  • Shipped LivepeerWowza 0.0.2. Basic workflow is in place: transcoding settings are pushed to the Livepeer API, video streams are pushed into Livepeer, streams are pulled back into Livepeer.
  • Started planning out a refactor of Livepeer’s DevOps architecture.

This week’s priorities:

  • Refactor existing event services to use the new blockwatch package and add PM specific event watching logic
  • Begin working on an architecture update for the staking contract to increase the maximum # of supported orchestrators
  • Integrate pixel counting features into the node
  • Return pixel counts from the transcoder to be incorporated into payment accounting
  • Complete integration of outside GPUs with the Livepeer test cloud
  • Start evaluating dual mining + transcoding. This is a new project track that is being started this week.
  • Continue reliability testing. We’ve completed testing with “single orchestrator setups” to identify bottlenecks there, and are moving on to two-O setups. After that we’ll determine how the network behavior extrapolates as we add more streams and orchestrators to the environment.
  • Shipping LivepeerWowza 0.1.0. Includes automatic creation of ABR playlists from Wowza renditions using SMIL files and Stream Name Groups.
  • Landing a lot of go-livepeer tweaks into master.
  • Preparing documentation and images for LivepeerWowza announcement.

As always, please let us know if you have feedback about the content and/or format of the update - we would love to hear from you. You can comment here or find us on Discord, thank you!