Weekly Development Update - July 24th 2019

Sorry, a little bit late but here are this week’s updates from the development team :slight_smile:

Last week’s progress:

  • Implemented orchestrator price validation to determine whether an expected price indicated by a broadcaster is acceptable
  • Implemented broadcaster validation for prices updated mid-stream with an orchestrator
  • Added support for orchestrator price updates via the CLI
  • Prepared for internal test network deployment for e2e micropayment testing
  • More benchmarking for the single O[rchestrator] based on the latest round of fixes (same as last week)
  • Identified a few more bottlenecks for multi-GPU setups (same as last week)
  • Improved load balancing for orchestrators with multiple attached transcoders (see the attached screenshot)
  • Started testing the Wowza plugin
  • The 3Box integration also made a lot of progress. You can follow it in more detail here: https://github.com/Livepeer-Community-Node/Grant-Program/issues/17#issuecomment-513976291

This week’s priorities:

  • Wrap up payment accounting features from last week - looking to merge open PRs after some follow up review
  • Add payment metrics reporting for nodes
  • Deploy an internal test network to kick off the first round of e2e micropayment testing with automated dummy transaction submission to simulate gas price fluctuations
  • Pixel accounting within the transcoder
  • More reliability testing - evaluating scalability with two orchestrators on the network
  • Broadcaster to acquire list of orchestrators via webhook
  • Task breakdown and planning for supporting external GPUs within our internal test network
  • Continue implementing fix for GPU performance bottleneck with task breakdown in-hand
  • Wowza plugin: More testing, development of an installer and finishing the last few features (specifically stream re-integration) before starting a proper release cycle in the #builds channel on discord

Results of the improved load balancing:

Please let us know if you have feedback about the content and/or format of the update - we would love to hear from you. You can comment here or find us on Discord, thank you!