Weekly Development Update - July 3rd 2019

Hi community! In this weekly series, we will let you know what the development team is currently working on. We will inform you about the last week’s progress as well as the focus for this week. Please let us know if you have feedback about the content and/or format of the update - we would love to hear from you!

Currently, the development focus is on Streamflows Probabilistic Micropayments [PM], various transcoding tests & benchmarks and Livepeer integrations.

Last week’s progress:

  • Complete an updated PM ticket redemption strategy allowing orchestrators to automatically redeem winning tickets when a broadcaster’s reserve is sufficient to cover the ticket value
  • Allow broadcasters to filter orchestrators based on advertised price per pixel
  • Allow broadcasters to cache orchestrator prices allowing for faster orchestrator selection at the start of a stream
  • Fixed a major issue with our RTMP segmenter and increased our transcoding success rate to 100% under certain network configurations
  • Confirmed a bottleneck when running transcoding on multiple GPUs
  • Various fixes to our test harness (Livepeer network simulator) - cleaning up technical debt
  • Initial work on creating a Livepeer plugin for Wowza Media Server to enable Wowza users to easily use Livepeer for transcoding
  • Lots of customer development work, researching and interviewing live video engineers to see what’s needed

This week’s priorities:

  • Complete the remaining PM client MVP core features: broadcaster ticket parameter validation and orchestrator grace periods for invalid tickets
  • Complete orchestrator minimum credit requirement check based on received payments prior to transcoding
  • Allow broadcasters to send segments with the price per pixel they expect to pay for transcoding
  • Re-run our benchmarks to get new metrics after the segmenter fix
  • Decide on the best path forward to solve the multi-GPU bottleneck
  • Start integrating GPU tests into CI (continuous integration) system so we’re running GPU tests regularly
  • Work on the Livepeer API to support integration with Wowza. Initial prototype of a plugin.
  • Work on integrating 3Box profiles with the Livepeer explorer - see the #research-3box channel

Please comment here or find us on Discord if you have any questions or feedback - Thank you!


very nice. thank you guys for creating this.

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