Weekly Development Update - July 17th 2019

Hi community, here are this week’s updates from the development team. The focus is on payments between orchestrators and broadcasters, various transcoding tests & benchmarks to improve the reliability and Wowza & 3Box integrations.

Last week’s progress:

  • Implemented orchestrator transcoded result processing to update a broadcaster’s balance based on the # of output pixels in the results (actual pixel counting is stubbed out for now and to be implemented in a few weeks)
  • Added support for an orchestrator communicating the # of output pixels in results to a broadcaster
  • Implemented broadcaster multi-ticket payment generation based on its current credit balance
  • More benchmarking for the single O[rchestrator] based on the latest round of fixes
  • Identified a few more bottlenecks for multi-GPU setups
  • Prototyped HTTP segment ingest in the go client
  • Research and prototyping of Wowza plugin
  • Ongoing infrastructural work around a hosted Livepeer API
  • 3Box profile display and edit working, including avatar upload

This week’s priorities:

  • Implement orchestrator price validation to determine whether an expected price indicated by a broadcaster is acceptable
  • Implement broadcaster validation for prices updated mid-stream with an orchestrator
  • Add support for orchestrator price updates via the CLI
  • Add metrics aggregation logic for the payment workflow between nodes
  • Wrap up benchmarking for single O : evaluate performance of O with attached remote transcoders
  • Make progress on the multi-GPU transcoding bottleneck
  • Start planning for how to integrate external GPUs into network-wide testing
  • Complete office GPU mining rig!
  • Ship v1 of Wowza plugin
  • Ship infrastructure necessary to support v1 of the Wowza plugin
  • 3Box code cleanup + start of styling

Please let us know if you have feedback about the content and/or format of the update - we would love to hear from you. You can comment here or find us on Discord, thank you!


This is a great update! Thanks for putting it together @vires-in-numeris.

One suggestion for future updates would be that it would be great to show in addition to just tell. Even in a very light way. For example in this update it might be great to see:

  • a single screenshot of the 3box profile progress
  • a single chart or screenshot of some data from the single Orchestrator benchmarking
  • a photo of the GPU miner in action

No need to go crazy with visuals for every update, but a little bit might go a long way in terms of helping people understand the output of some of this great work.

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