Can you build a TWITCH like platform without stream keys?

I’m working on developing a TWITCH like platform for Bitcoin casino sites using the Livepeer protocol. However, virtually every online casino I come across doesn’t provide a stream key to broadcast from their platform.

Is there a way i can still build my livestreaming platform without needing stream keys from the site I want to broadcast from.

When you say that you want to broadcast “from a site”, does that mean you are looking to screen capture the site?

You’d probably want to run a browser that loads the URL, and then do a video capture of the screen for your broadcast. Perhaps @iameli has some ideas?

Hello Doug,

Thanks for getting back to me.

What I would like to do is develop a platform that livestreams blockchain based gambling applications. Basically something Similar to what Twitch provides to online gamers.

We plan on using the the OBS protocol for the livestreaming and the Livepeer protocol for the peer to peer network.

I know a stream key is required to initiate a livestream from conventional livestreaming platforms like twitch, streamlabs, YouTube Gaming. But I was wondering is there a way to develop a livestreaming application like twitch without having streamers needing a stream key.


Yes it is definitely possible. You could have users stream to different endpoints/streamIDs to identify the unique streams, and then no stream key would be necessary.

For example the endpoint they stream to could be rtmp://

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Thank you for your help. Looking forward to the support from Livepeer community