Common Troubleshooting Questions Using MerkleMine DApp

Step-By-Step guide

Step 1: Load Your Account
Once you are logged into web3 wallet, the Dapp will automatically pull in the address, ETH, and LPT balances for your wallet.


Step 2: Load Merkle Input Data
Input the url for the data, a compressed binary of all account addresses sorted. This is a big file and will take a while to load.

Click Load, it will start loading data, and simultaneously generating proof. This will take a long time - its a 50mb file.

Once loading completes, and if your selected account is eligible to mine, the proof will appear in the textarea below the url input.

Step 3: Mine Your Token
You may now mine your LPT by clicking “Submit Proof”. Confirm your transaction details, submit, and once the transaction completes successfully, your LPT balance should show a value greater than “0.0”. Congratulations, you’ve mined your token and may now participate as a delegator in the Livepeer protocol!


It’s telling me Web3 is not enabled.
In order to mine LPT, you will need to use a web3-enabled browser such as Mist or a browser extension such as MetaMask.

My account never loads
You may need to unlock your account through your browser extension or plugin.


I couldn’t generate a proof
Only account address with a balance >= .1 ETH prior at Ethereum block #5264265 are able to generate LPT through this dapp. If your address does not fit that criteria, you won’t be able to mine LPT connected with this ETH address. You can still participate in the network and earn LPT - check out the decentralized community node

There is also a possibility the input data you are providing is incorrect or not sorted properly. If you think this may be the case, please refer to the mining specification for more information: