How to generate Livepeer Token using MyCrypto, MyEtherwallet (Ledger, Trezor support)

This post assumes you’re already familiar with the MerkleMine and with how to participate in Livepeer at launch. The following instructions quickly lay out how to generate your proof and submit the txn that will generate token using a hardware wallet and MyCrypto, MyEtherWallet, or another contract interface.

Step 1: Generate your proof using the merkle-mine command line interface

git clone
cd merkle-mine
npm install

node client/index.js --recipient <paste your ETH address>

Note that this will not submit any transaction nor require any ethereum key. It just calculates and prints the proof for the recipient address.

Keep this terminal open, as you’ll need to copy/paste your proof later.

Step 2: Use MyCrypto to submit this proof to generate token

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Contracts”
  3. In contract address paste: 0x8e306b005773bee6ba6a6e8972bc79d766cc15c8
  4. In the ABI field, paste the ABI from the ABI field shown at
  5. Press “Access”
  6. In the Read/Write contract drop down select “generate”
  7. In the _recipient field paste your ETH address (this must match the recipient address that you used to generate your proof).
  8. In the merkleProof field, paste your proof.
  9. MyCrypto then asks you how you would like to access your wallet. You can choose your preferred method such as your Ledger, Trezor, or Metamask, and authorize the transaction.

As a reminder, this transaction costs gas, but does not otherwise cost any Ethereum. Do not send any ETH with this transaction. Please use MyCrypto or MyEtherWallet at your own risk, and keep those private keys safe.

Code for the MerkleMine can be verified on Etherscan at the above link.

throw err;
I got this error

Going to need a little more info than that to help debug. The best way to get this fixed and debugged would be to file an issue on Github.

Latest update is that it’s possible there’s a bug or something weird going on with the new MyCrypto. See this post in our Discord:


Sounds like the old release of MyCrypto and MyEtherWallet may work if the new MyCrypto isn’t including the proof field the way it should in the txn.