Livepeer Genesis and MerkleMine Parameters

The following are the parameters for the MerkleMine genesis state at the launch of the Livepeer Snowmelt Alpha on the Ethereum Mainnet network:

MerkleMine contract address: 0x8e306b005773bee6bA6A6e8972Bc79D766cC15c8

genesisRoot: 0x53f35a304a1e1e20d6648e09bb3073ccd44a5bf1638a01355897a71e801879f8
balanceThreshold: 100000000000000000           // 0.1 ETH
totalGenesisTokens: 6343700000000000000000000  // 6,343,700 distributed in MerkleMine
totalGenesisReceipients: 2598071
genesisBlock: 5264265                          // block number for account balance snapshot
callerAllocationStartBlock: 6034099            // block number when a caller can mine on a recipient’s behalf
callerAllocationEndBlock: 8534099              // block number when a caller can mine 100% of a recipient’s token
token: 0x58b6a8a3302369daec383334672404ee733ab239 // Livepeer token address

Total Number of Accounts with > 0.1 ETH at genesisBlock 5264265: 2598071
LPT being generated by crowd: 6343700

LPT/Account = 2.4416961661

Here is some data related to genesis:

Addresses of all the accounts that met balanceThreshold at genesisBlock (100MBs): ipfs hash QmRZAWL76u99DUmgccbXA1ZrmcrTqAbDRkD4u87byM1NdR.

Binary version of the same file (50MB): ipfs hash QmQbvkaw5j8TFeeR7c5Cs2naDciUVq9cLWnV3iNEzE784r

Latest MerkleMine DApp to generate token and submit your proof: QmRSjvHTmayqGf3sDuZzZZCRE3HPQUTBBHdoaqnXwb4VAS - code at