Common Questions on MerkleMining

how long is 1 round?
Each round is 5760 blocks. 1 day.

so no matter how much ETH you got on 5,264,265 block you will get only 2.4 LPT?
Yes 2.4 lpt per account during the slow start. 500000 blocks, 87 days. After the slow start you can increasingly generate more according to the algorithm. Though the best way to get more is to delegate or transcode on the network. The protocol generates token to those who are staked.

Does the merklemine dapp work with ledger nano s?
The dapp does not yet have hardware wallet support. However, as an alternative, you can use a CLI script to generate the required Merkle proof and then use a tool of your choice such as MEW/MyCrypto to sign a transaction with your hardware wallet. More details here: How to generate Livepeer Token using MyCrypto, MyEtherwallet (Ledger, Trezor support)

I’m having trouble with the merklemine
The best way to get it looked at as soon as possible is to file a bug at

I’m having trouble unbonding
For anyone that plans on playing an active role as a delegator - at the moment, if you bond for the first time in the current round to a particular transcoder, you will not be able to unbond until the following round. Any unbond transactions sent during the same round that you bond will fail! So at the moment, with rounds coming out to about a day, if you bond today, you will not be able to unbond until tomorrow
The explorer dapp should prevent you from doing this, but just a word of warning for anyone that chooses to directly interact with the contracts using another tool of their choice