Community Call - 8/9/2017

Today we hosted the 2nd Livepeer Community call, and we also streamed in through the Livepeer toy network. The recording is available here on IPFS, but unfortunately due to some technical difficulties sound is only available from my (Doug’s) microphone, so there are some blank spaces…

Key highlights included:

  • Preparation for the Testnet Soft Launch. We will be testing out the network and playing the roles of Transcoder, Delegator, and Broadcaster. If you’re interested in learning how to transcode on the network, or delegate your tokens to participate in the security and transcoder election protocol, then the testnet soft launch is a great time to start figuring this stuff out.

  • Call for ideas! @chrishobcroft is collecting feedback and ideas on products that you want to see built on Livepeer. After he collects some submissions we’ll organize them into something visual that people can use to discuss and share ideas, and collaborate on next steps. Share your ideas here: