Livepeer Community Call - 7/19/2017

We held the first Livepeer community call today, which included the Livepeer core team and several community contributors who are anxious to build on Livepeer, participate in the community, or have an interest in peer-to-peer video broadcast. We’d like to repeat this call bi-weekly at the minimum, and will open up to everyone in the community shortly when we get into a rhythm with the correct tools.

Action Items

  • @ericxtang to publish a more transparent roadmap with expected dates for upcoming milestones. (Launching a public test network with test token and incentives being the major upcoming milestone).
  • @chrishobcroft to begin to aggregate community driven ideas, first through informal channel like email or google form, and then choose a location for all the ideas to be public and collaborated upon.
  • BC to write up a short proposal of best ways to make it easy and fun for people to onboard into the Livepeer Community.
  • Lucy to reach out to folks on the call who were interested in helping with community, BD, and education around Livepeer.
  • Doug and Eric to get next version of toynet back up so we can stream next community call through Livepeer.


Watch on IPFS at hash QmenEcKfUeFUFBAZbqw7w2SKrPUsLPjZug1BSDDeXx8Dia

Watch on Youtube