Weekly Update - 5/6/2017

We started the Solidity implementation of the Livepeer protocol. [Yondon Fu] (https://github.com/yondonfu), who most recently worked on the [OpenCollab] (https://github.com/yondonfu/opencollab) extension of Mango, is making good progress and we will have more to share very soon. Visit our gitter if you want to follow along with the development.

We also open sourced the Livepeer desktop app this week. The app automatically connects to the Livepeer toynet. It allows anyone to broadcast a video stream, or view a publicly available stream with a known ID. If you are an Mac user, download it following the link in the Github page. If you are a developer and want to build it for Linux / Windows, the app is built in Electron, so feel free to build for another platform and submit a PR!