Community Grant : Video case study of dApp benefits with POS- Livepeer & SuperMax

I think there is an opportunity to encourage more dApp developers to learn about building on Livepeer. I propose creating video content and a case study to showcase the opportunity to a wider audience.

Goal: Encourage more Livepeer network participation through education and create a case study on SuperMax to encourage more dApp developers to consider Livepeer and other DPOS projects as a mechanism to create + earn value in the network.

  1. Problem: Developers contributing services or products on top of existing protocols do not get upside of the underlying procotol unless they buy/mine tokens. Their contributions are unpaid.

  2. Solution: Delegated Proof of Stake protocols present an opportunity for dApp developers to earn tokens through software contribution (not just buying tokens). For example, Livepeer and SuperMax have a symbiotic relationship. SuperMax’s data services improve the usability of the Livepeer network. SuperMax is participating through staking and their position in a node to earn value in the Livepeer network too. They are creating value in the network and earning value in the network, which benefits them and Livepeer at the same time.

  3. Hypothesis: This model of symbiotic relationships would benefit new services to be built on top of DPOS protocols, especially Livepeer. Creating and sharing the case study of SuperMax and Livepeer helps share this idea and inspire new developers to consider creating + earning for a DPOS network.


  1. Video tutorial of how to set up as a node on the Livepeer network [1 week]
  • Why? Quickly show developers how easy it is to mine, stake, and bond in Livepeer. Video is a quick form to understand the mechanics of the protocol. If more developers understand the Livepeer cryptoeconomcis, that creates a larger funnel of interest to pursue building dApps on the network.

  • To do: Record video with Livepeer team or community member (1 hour)

  1. Work with Livepeer and Supermax to deliver a case study presentation [2 weeks]
  • Interview SuperMax team [done!]

  • Interview Livepeer team (30 min)

  • Collaborate with SuperMax on presentation

  1. Showcase the Case study at a community event & record it for further distribution [within 30 days of case study]
  • Plan a date for the Meetup, can showcase at community blockchain event

  • Record the video

  1. Post videos online [1 week after showcase]
  • Share video on Livepeer community forum

  • Upload to YouTube

  • Publish in a Medium blog post

Timeline goal: Host meetup before the end of September in NYC



This looks great. Thank you so much for suggesting this! I suggest a 300 LPT Grant, delivering 100 LPT at the end of milestone 2 and 200 at end of milestone 3.

Feel free to reach out to eric / doug / yondon for livepeer interview for case study - i’ll let them know.

@ericxtang will do the setting up transcoder node video with you. I would also reach out to CJ on discord who set up the transcoder node for Supermax, and ask her before doing the video what steps she took, and what questions she had, so that you can make sure eric covers in the video.

We’re happy to host the meetup at DG and pay for food if helpful.


Woot! Welcome to Livepeer @blocks8! This proposal looks awesome. I can definitely create a video tutorial for node set up. Any guideline / examples?

@ericxtang did you make something re: a video tutorial.

I was thinking to record a video of this: Setting up a Livepeer Transcoder Node (Beginner's Guide)