Pre-proposal: Realtime Interactive Video SPE

Realtime Interactive Video SPE


We aim to transform the Livepeer network by launching the Realtime Interactive Video SPE, focusing on realtime interactive video to create a new market segment. This initiative is designed to engage new users and enable creators to benefit from our evolving ecosystem. By utilizing Livepeer’s decentralized video transcoding technology, we intend to enhance network capabilities and significantly boost demand. In addition to the public goods benefits listed below, part of our strategy for validating demand early includes building an initial app that targets a market segment where it’s not unusual for market leaders to have 8,000+ concurrent streams running 24/7, significantly boosting the demand side of the Livepeer network.

Benefits to the Livepeer Ecosystem

Our platform will bring multiple benefits to the Livepeer ecosystem:

  • Increased Demand: By targeting a market segment with high streaming activity, we will significantly boost the demand for Livepeer’s transcoding services.
  • Enhanced Scalability and Robustness: Collaboration with Livepeer Studio will enhance the scalability and robustness of Livepeer’s product, benefiting the entire ecosystem.
  • Open-Source Contributions: We will develop an open-source template app to help others easily build low-latency interactive streaming platforms leveraging Livepeer. This will support community innovation and adoption.
  • Community Engagement: Active engagement with the community through blog posts and shared best practices.
Revenue Potential and Impact

Our projected revenue is based on the number of concurrent livestreams running 24/7. Here’s a breakdown of the potential revenue for different volumes of concurrent streams:

Concurrent Streams (24/7) Daily Revenue (USD) Weekly Revenue (USD) Monthly Revenue (USD)
500 $1,000 $7,000 $30,000
1,000 $2,000 $14,000 $60,000
2,000 $4,000 $28,000 $120,000
5,000 $10,000 $70,000 $300,000

Doubling Livepeer’s current daily revenue of approximately $714 would require about 416 concurrent streams running 24/7 at our projected revenue rates, which is very possible by conservative estimates. If we become the market leader in our targeted market segment, a 10x increase in demand side is achievable. For detailed calculations and to tweak the numbers, please refer to this Google doc.


  • Founder & SPE Proposer: Evgeny, a Citadel veteran and dedicated Livepeer community member since 2018, holds ~32,000 LPT tokens. In crypto since 2015, Evgeny has experience in 5 different crypto companies.
  • Tech Visionary & Entrepreneur: Arben, a tech visionary with over 1 million followers and extensive connections across all continents. Arben brings a wealth of business wisdom to avoid common pitfalls.
  • Senior Backend Developer: Pietro
  • Frontend Developer: João
  • Design Partners: Various Contributors

Unique Streaming Approach

Our platform offers interactive video experiences, including both one-to-many broadcasts and private 1-to-1 sessions, utilizing two simultaneous Livepeer streams within one user session. This setup not only enhances interactivity but also leverages Livepeer’s cost efficiencies, saving approximately 80% in transcoding costs compared to centralized services. These savings are passed directly to our creators.

Collaboration with Livepeer Studio

We are working with Livepeer Studio to adopt best practices for managing a large number of simultaneous streams. This collaboration, starting next week, will not only benefit our platform but also enhance the scalability and robustness of Livepeer’s product for a large market segment, thereby benefiting the entire Livepeer ecosystem.

Open-Source Contribution and Future SaaS Expansion

We’re setting up a repository for our Livepeer integrations that will be publicly available in Q4 2024, supporting community innovation. This repository will include an open-source template app showcasing various streaming architectures, allowing users to experiment with different configurations. This early packaging of our technology in a modular way lays the groundwork for our transition to a SaaS model. After the platform launches and begins generating revenue, we will develop our technology into a SaaS product within a 2-year timeframe. Our goal is to become a SaaS bridge for various market segments that are heavy in video transcoding, expanding our offerings to other companies seeking to enhance their streaming capabilities.


  1. Q2 2024: Active Development

    • Development playground live with Livepeer integration already working for broadcasting and private sessions.
  2. Q3 2024: Alpha Release and Testing

    • Launch alpha version of the platform for internal testing.
    • Begin collaboration with Livepeer Studio next week for best practices and scalability enhancements.
    • Conduct extensive testing and gather feedback from select users.
  3. Q4 2024: Beta Release, Community Engagement, and Open-Source Repository

    • Release beta version of the platform to a broader audience.
    • Implement feedback and refine the platform.
    • Engage with the community through blog posts.
    • Establish and launch the open-source repository for Livepeer integrations, including an open-source template app showcasing various streaming architectures.
  4. End of 2024: Official Launch

    • Officially launch the platform.
    • Begin marketing and user acquisition efforts to drive initial growth.
  5. 2025: Post-Launch and SaaS Development

    • Monitor platform performance and user feedback.
    • Start development of SaaS product.
    • Expand offerings to other companies seeking enhanced streaming capabilities.

Budget, Governance, and Treasury Payment Stream Contract

Total Budget: 11,000 LPT

The budget will cover:

  • Development and enhancement by our technical team.
  • Establishment and maintenance of the open-source repository.
  • Comprehensive security auditing.
  • Infrastructure setup and deployment by our DevOps team.
  • Extensive testing to ensure product quality.
  • Collaboration costs with Livepeer Studio for technical solutioning.
  • Design and community engagement, including UI improvements and blog post creation.

Governance and Fund Management:

  • Funds released into this SPE will be managed by the listed team members at their discretion.
  • Transparent updates will be shared with the community every two weeks in either written form or at the community water cooler chats.
  • As we communicate further milestones and public goods contributions towards the mission of bringing realtime interactive streaming to Livepeer, the community can weigh in on releasing further funds by voting on subsequent treasury proposals.
  • Governors have the ability to revoke the funding being streamed back into the treasury if Fanteasy fails to meet its commitments.

Treasury Payment Stream Contract:

  • The funding will be managed via a smart contract using Titan Node’s payment stream. This contract implements daily vesting over 7 months.
  • If Fanteasy fails to meet its commitments, Guardians have the ability to terminate the contract where all unvested funds would be transferred back to the Treasury address. This provides a safeguard against unforeseen negligence or security incidents, ensuring that funds can be returned to the Treasury in such events.
  • For a detailed description of how this works, please refer to the detailed description.
  • You can view the smart contract on Arbiscan.


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This proposal is the culmination of numerous discussions with the community across various channels. I understand that governance fatigue might be setting in for some of you, but I see this as a positive sign of Livepeer’s growing adoption and the strong desire to build on top of it.
I want to extend a big thank you for all the feedback we’ve received. We’ve learned a lot and built valuable connections within the Livepeer community.