FAQ: How does Livepeer compare to other P2P streaming technologies like Bittorrent Live?

This question was asked on a blog post, so I wanted to paste my response here so others can chime in with opinions and other relevant projects to take inspiration from…

BitTorrent live is a great analog to Livepeer from a technology perspective. Livepeer has a lot of catching up to do on all the great work they’ve done. But unless I’m mistaken it’s a closed protocol, proprietary, and ad/subscription supported at the product/business level. We think an open protocol that anyone can build on top of, catalyzed by the token model and accompanying incentives, is likely to see more developer attention and a bigger ecosystem. Other technologies that also were inspirational were Bittorrent, Webtorrent, Peer5, Streamroot, Streamium.


I bumped into Bit Torrent Live and I think it is shelved now and no longer being developed

That is correct.

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