Full Protocol Loop - Weekly Update - 7/14/2017

This week’s update is short but sweet. Due to some diligent software development by @ericxtang Livepeer now has a functional full protocol loop. Nodes can run a client and play the role of broadcaster, transcoder, or viewer. The protocol is running live on a blockchain and broadcasters can begin streams and request transcoding, transcoders can take the jobs and perform them, they can claim their work, and then tokens are distributed based upon the work performed.

Last week’s update described the two main protocol flows of bonding -> delegating -> rewarding and job -> claim -> verify. Both of these are implemented (with verification stubbed), and running in the protocol. This is exciting :slight_smile:

Of course we’re working through some bugs and usability, but we’ll be able to open source soon, and we are working towards a new test network in a couple of weeks. Standby.


awesome. consider me a transcoding node in waiting

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