Hack Ideas for Next Video Build Hackathon with Encode Club

Encode Club is running a video related hackathon with Livepeer during the month of November called Next Video Build. This is a great opportunity for teams to come together, focus, and get support building the next breakout web3 social media application, which will likely focus on creator-to-community type applications. Here are some ideas for projects that are needed in the space!

Video CMS For A Web3 Community
Currently DAOs, Crypto Projects, NFT Projects and web3 communities use Zoom or Google Meet for their calls, and then upload the recordings to a Youtube channel. There’s a big opportunity to build an embeddable video CMS that these projects put directly on their own sites to showcase and organize this content for their communities in a way that won’t get deplatformed by Youtube, and won’t be hidden amongst the noise of all the other social content.

Consider forking StreamETH as a starting point, which was used to build streameth.tv, and simply customize it an organize the content for one thriving DAO or community. I bet they would appreciate it, and get on board for some fast iteration.

This app has an opportunity to be uniquely disruptive via web primitives such as using token gating to do access control for the content to members of the community (this is supported by Livepeer and via protocols like Unlock and Lit), and you can consider web3 based login/identify for a commenting or chat system.

Bonus points for integrating Huddle01 to enable conferences that immediately record into this CMS.

Web3 Curation DAO Based Web3 Video Site
It’s common to see people start with a Youtube clone or Twitch clone built on web3 tech, however it’s unlikely that this will be able to bootstrap enough quality content if all uploads or streams just automatically land on the frontpage of the app. They key is that you actually need well curated content that appeals to the target user group you are going after.

Start with an upload/serve site that makes the videos discoverable via open data repositories like Lens Protocol. Launch a simple token protocol that rewards users each day for identifying or surfacing open content according to some predfined mission. For example “the mission is to identify the top 5 most relevant and interesting pieces of quality content on the innovations happening in web3” in every 6 hour block. Users who vote or identify content that makes the list earn token. Use a DAO framework to allow token holders to govern a large treasury of token, and therefore the DAO can iterate over time to enhance and grow the curation policies, invest in the frontend application, fulfill the potential of being the best discovery platform for open video content.

This is a starting point for disrupting Youtube or Twitch…not by cloning it, but by starting with meeting a real need for a niche audience, and using the power of token incentives and DAO based global coordination, to build momentum.

Generative Video NFTs
There are a number of experiments on generative video out there with the release of StableDiffusion. Use an NFT marketplace platform to launch an experience targeted specifically to a new video based NFT paradigm.

This is a big design space for creators, developers, and AI enthusiasts. It requires a lot of GPU processing power, and while the Livepeer network doesn’t support this directly yet, a number of Livepeer orchestrators have already experimented with setting up their GPUs to help with this rendering, so I’m sure the community could come together to help power this.

Any riffs on these concepts?

What other ideas would people like to see get attempted?