Proposing the Discord "Video Builder" role

Hi all. One of my goals for the next few months is to grow and cultivate a thriving video builder community within the Livepeer ecosystem. We want the Livepeer Discord to be the center of ideas, collaborations, and innovation when it comes to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with video + web3/blockchain. When these innovations resonate with creators, communities, consumers, we’ll see breakout applications…and their success will be Livepeer’s growth and success.

I’d like to propose the initial use of the Video Builder role within Discord, and the #developer-lounge channel as the initial home base for builder-focused ideas, conversation, and collaboration.

What is the Video Builder Role today?
It is simply an acknowledgement that you are opting in to participate actively around the innovation of video+web3. What does blockchain enable when it comes to video that was never possible before? What experiments can we run? Where can we integrate Livepeer technology to help accelerate these experiments?

If you accept the Video Builder tag, you’re willing to get a ping when someone @ messages that tag with an exciting idea or call for feedback.

Who might be well suited to receive this role?

  • Anyone building a web3 creator/social/media video app leveraging Livepeer that wants to participate collaboratively with other builders
  • Anyone looking to contribute to the world’s open video infrastructure through development
  • Anyone with ideas or inspiration around the intersection of video + web3
  • Anyone looking to compose Livepeer into other technologies to accelerate the experimentation that can occur

If you’re looking to engage around ideas like these, then you’re a good fit!

Where might this go in the future?
Today it is just a tag, and a way to notify/summon other Video Builders in for feedback on an idea or collaboration. In the future, and this is a topic for another longer post, Livepeer needs to figure out how to appropriately reward contributors to the demand side of the network - both contributions to the video software + technology itself, but also to generating demand through products and video innovations. I could see Video Builders who link their wallets on chain, getting governance input into a pool of inflationary LPT to get retroactively rewarded to the builders/apps/developers making demand side contributions into Livepeer. Think of this as a bit of decentralizing the grants pool going to builders for example. Token-weighted voting has many downsides - reputation based credentials, such as being an actively participating Video Builder, might be a better proxy as we explore this area.

If this community grows strong, and becomes the center of discussion around pushing web3 video and media formats forward, then you can see it potentially evolving into many channels, sub-teams, etc. But let’s start simple and follow the growth.

How do I get this role
Just ask me @dob in DM or ask in the #developers-lounge channel. This sub-community can work to govern itself over time and those with the role can hopefully invite others or assign it, as I don’t want to be the gatekeeper. Don’t be shy, but it’s only worthwhile if it leads to high quality building, innovation, inspiration, so please don’t ask unless you’d like to participate openly in the channel.

I will also ask many of the existing users of Livepeer building web3 apps if the’d like to opt in, and start assigning it to those who I know are thinking about and building in this innovative area.

Thanks in advance for any feedback or ideas here! It’s starting small as an experiment, so we’ll see how it works and take it from there.