How to get the streamID

How I will get the steam id based on the broadcaster address in javascript.Please help me

Hi @rohitmishra,

You have to get the job created by the broadcaster first. The streamID is in the job struct.


Hi, @ericxtang Suppose I have broadcast my job. the and my web-based client side how I will get stream id (how to access stream job smart contract information )

@rohitmishra you can use the livepeerjs sdk. If you have broadcasted a job, you should know the broadcaster Eth address. From that, you can get a list of jobs created by that broadcaster, and the streamID should be in the job struct.

Hi @ericxtang i have to go with livepeerjs sdk. But it always gives the error with the current version of node ,if you have any working example of this please share with us.

There are some examples from the recent ETHDenver hackathon here:

I think the URLs in the examples may need to be updated from “-testnet” to “-rinkeby” since we’re now running on the Rinkeby testnet.