Weekly Update - 1/5/2018 - Livepeer TV, Testnet Broadcasting, Pay with ETH

The end of 2017 was a busy time in Livepeer land. Here’re some updates to share from the last two weeks:

Look for the first episode of Livepeer TV coming on Tuesday, January 9th…live from Berlin, Germany. Watch the @LivepeerOrg twitter account for a live link, but the content will be accessible at the redirect from http://livepeer.tv.

Livepeer TV is an experimental project with a couple goals:

  1. Connect creators directly with their audiences through decentralized technology.
  2. Provide an interesting 24/7 stream of content to constantly test and flex the early Livepeer network.

Expect to see creative content including music, art, conversation, and more, headed up by Livepeer’s creative director: @chrishobcroft. And if you like what you see…feel free to tip your broadcasters, with all ETH donated flowing directly to the artists.

Broadcasting on the testnet
There’ve been some stability hiccups over the past few weeks as we continue internal testing on the Testnet. While we’ll be deploying some protocol upgrades shortly, broadcasting has stabilized a bit for the time being, and many of the player bugs are fixed.

If you follow the instructions on running a node, make note of the Ethereum address used by the node which is printed out, and then broadcast using OBS, then anyone should be able to view your stream at media.livepeer.org using your ETH address.

Using ETH For Job Deposits and Fee Payments
We merged in a big protocol PR which enables using ETH for job deposits and fee payments. Livepeer Token is used within the staking and delegation protocol for incentivizing and securing a high quality live broadcast network, and the mechanics behind using a token for staking and participation are described in this technical post. Opening up payments on the network in ETH greatly expands the usability of Livepeer to any mainstream ETH holder, and theoretically any value token could be supported for fee payments including stable coins.

Development of a protocol explorer is quietly underway.

There’s a lot going on in Livepeer ecosystem. If you’re interested in getting involved or helping out in anyway, leave a note here in the forum, or jump into our dev chatroom.

love the focus on shipping usable stuff