How to partially unbound (without any CLI-commands)

This guide is complementary to @yondon guide about delegating and partial unbonding all credits to this guy !

  1. Visit mycrypto[dot]com
    IMPORTANT: Make sure that this is the correct site for MyCrypto and beware of fake sites!
  2. under the “Tools” Tab, select “Interact with contracts”
  3. In the “Contract Address” box, enter 0x511bc4556d823ae99630ae8de28b9b80df90ea2e

0x511bc4556d823ae99630ae8de28b9b80df90ea2e is the address of the BondingManager proxy contract on mainnet

  1. In the “ABI / JSON Interface” box enter the ABI from the “Contract ABI” box found at BondingManager | 0x246edEBae14b186a67e3d466A485321169a8bcD5

Note: The ABI used here is the ABI for the BondingManager target implementation contract and NOT the ABI for the BondingManager proxy contract which

is why the Etherscan link provided is for the address page for 0x246edEBae14b186a67e3d466A485321169a8bcD5 (BondingManager target implementation contract)
as opposed to the address page for 0x511bc4556d823ae99630ae8de28b9b80df90ea2e (BondingManager proxy contract)

The ABI allows MyCrypto to display named functions that are invokable for the provided contract address

  1. Click “Access”

  2. In the “Read / Write Contract” dropdown, select the function name “unbond”

Be careful for the next step, the Smart contract understand LPT With 18 decimals, so if you want to unbound 1 LPT you need to indicate to the smart contract 1000000000000000000 as an amount, i know it’s silly but’s that how Ethereum works ! don’t worry you can simply use this online tool : type there the amount of LPTs you’re willing to unbound as Ethers and use what crazy number the tool indicate as Wei
Check this picture for 24 LPT as an exemple :

  1. In the _amount uint256 box, enter The amount you are willing to unbound with a bunch of zeros from the online tool
  2. In the Value box, indicate 0, that’s really important because you don’t want to send ether there.
  3. MyCrypto will ask you the method with which you would like to access your wallet. Select your preferred method
  4. Click on Write the Gaslimit will be automatically adjusted from 21000 to an higher number, that’s perfectly normal.
  5. Follow the prompts from MyCrypto to sign your transaction using your device and then submit the transaction
    a. Make sure you are connected to the right Ethereum network (mainnet) using the dropdown in the top right hand corner
    b. Make sure to double check that the gas limit and gas price at ethgasstation[dot]info for the transaction are reasonable

After confirmation of your transaction by the network, you’re now partially unbounded, you’ll be able to withdraw the unbounded LPTs from your stake after the unbounding period of 7 Rounds (1 week)

Edit : Sorry i had to delete a bunch of pics and links due to forum limitation for new users :frowning:

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Thanks for writing this up @lemiscate! I just wanted to note a few additional things for anyone that uses this guide:

  • Users can also adjust the gas price to use for the transaction. A good reference to use when setting this value is which provides different gas price suggestions based upon how fast you want your transaction to confirm. If you’re using a wallet like Metamask to submit the transaction, the wallet might also try to suggest a gas price for you, but it might be worth double checking that the gas price suggestion is acceptable for you. If you’re using a hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano S to submit the transaction, you will want to set the gas price in MyCrypto since you will only be confirming the transaction in the hardware wallet.
  • Users that want to withdraw after partially unbonding can see this forum post
  • While directly interacting with the contracts in this manner works, it does suffer from poor UX and lack of user protections since users have to construct transactions manually. The core team is working on an update to the explorer application to include the partial unbonding feature so hopefully users won’t have to interact directly with the contracts for the purpose of partially unbonding sometime soon!
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Thanks for all your remarks :smile: !

I have made this small oneclickDapp :

So people can skip the technical stuff and just input the amount there : image
and click on submit. They will need Metamask for that but as you can use it with a ledger that can be a cool “lazy” solution until the Frontend update !

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